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Reagan's Black Eye


Last Sunday Reagan was running (like she does whenever she is trying to get somewhere) out on the back patio at Jordan's parents' house when she fell (like our accident prone child often does) and landed right on the corner of her eye. She scraped the side of her face right where she landed and had a HUGE goose egg. It made me sooo sad just looking at it. She cried right when it happened but calmed down relatively quickly (with the help of Daniel Tiger) and never acted like it really bothered her. That night and the next day it started turning into quite a gnarly black eye. I think it has been a bigger deal to me than it was to her. I hate seeing such a nasty "ouch" on my baby.

We went to chickfila for lunch the other day and I was shocked at how the other kids treated her at the play place. Multiple kids ran out to tell their parents about the girl with the black eye. One girl ran out to her mom who was sitting at the table next to us and told her that she was really freaked out by the girl with the black eye. “She looks so freaky!” I couldn’t believe that little kids would be mean to my baby, who isn’t even 2 years old yet. I’m glad that Reagan is little enough to not know or care what those kids thought and said about her. I hope that she will forever not care what people think or say about her.

It's starting to heal now and like I said, I'm so glad that it hasn't seemed to bother her at all. Hopefully we can be done with "major" wounds for a while.


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