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Reagan's Second Birthday Party


Yesterday was Reagan's birthday, and we had a little get together to celebrate. We wanted it to be a stress-free party, so to do this we limited the food and decorations. It was perfection. We thought it would be fun to have a "Build Your Own" Ice Cream Sandwich Bar, since Reagan's two favorite things are cookies and ice cream. Jordan's mom helped us with the cookies, and made chocolate, funfetti, and red velvet, and then we made chocolate chip. We bought 5 kinds of ice cream: vanilla, cookie dough, chocolate, birthday cake, and strawberry. We put the ice cream cartons inside of matching dollar store bowls filled with ice. Cookie, ice cream, cookie. Delicious. Repeat.

(I think Reagan's favorite part of the party was the water. She was constantly asking for more. I'm not sure she actually drank any, because by the end of the party her shirt was completely drenched.)

Both of our families were there as well as some neighborhood and close friends. We had a great time watching all of the kids run around and play, while we all ate yummy treats.

Reagan wasn't so much into the presents this year. We made the mistake of setting up her slide before opening the presents and then she was really mad we made her stop sliding to come and open the rest. She got some really neat stuff though, and was showered with lots of love. I'm always so thankful for the love and support we receive, especially for our girls.

Naomi got lots of love at the party too. She was constantly being passed around. Everyone wanted a turn holding the sweet babe.

The slide was definitely a hit this year, thanks to Net Net. She calls it her "park." I think it will get LOTS of use this summer. She has barely been off it since we set it up.

I sure love this little person. Happy birthday Reagan Jane! I can't believe that you are two!  


  1. Such a cute and fun party! :) That last picture of you and Reagan is so good!!

  2. So fun! That part about the water had me cracking up. Looks like such a nice day, we might have to invest in a slide!


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