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Two years ago today, this awesome little girl made me a mom (and has been giving me a run for my money ever since).  Happy birthday Reagan Jane! I sure love you!

At two years old:

-Runs most every where she wants to go (and falls down a lot).

-Is very observant. She knows where I'm headed when I get on certain roads (like if I'm headed to Target, she will start saying "Target," if we're close to Grandma's house, or NetNet's she knows).

-Loves water: washing her hands, taking baths, going swimming, playing with water in bowls with measuring cups, anything to do with water

-Has been sleeping in a big girl bed since about two weeks before Naomi was born and is a great sleeper. We had been having a bit of difficulty with staying in the bed, but we recently moved her bedtime back to 9, and it has been life changing! Most nights she will go right to sleep and sleep until about 8.

-Loves to go to the park. Every. single. day. Which we have been doing, since it's summer (and because of the later bedtime).

-Favorite food is yogurt (sometimes she will eat 3 yogurts a day!), but also loves chicken (which is any kind of meat) and noodles, PB&J, i-ceam (Ice Cream), Cookies, nanas (Bananas), strawberries (which is any kind of berry)

-Loves to sing: Wheels on the bus, Row, Row, Row your Boat, Ring Around the Rosie, Popcorn Popping, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, If you're Happy and you know it (and a myriad of other songs from the Mother Goose Club)

-If you ask her how old she is, she will put up two fingers and say "two"

-Loves wearing pretty dresses and going to church, especially going to "shree" (Nursery)

-Calls most church buildings "teempols" (temples) and loves when we drive by a "pre-e teempol"

-Is getting close to knowing some colors. She knows the names of lots of colors, but sometimes doesn't identify them correctly (Something funny: Occasionally when we're working on counting, she will say, "one, two, three, four, yellow")

-Loves to watch 'Rella (Cinderella), and Mouse (The Rescuers), Daniel Tiger, and Thomas (sometimes called Puuuuurcy which is Thomas the Tank Engine)

-Loves her "baby seester." Loves to lay by her, give her kisses, shove the binky in her mouth, gets very worried when she cries and wants her to have a binky to feel better

-Loves playing "This little piggy" on her toes, but only does the first one (maaaarket) and the last one (wa-wa-wa)

-Loves to dance. Arm dancing is two fists in the air, moving them back and forth, and leg dancing is either stomping her feet or repeatedly doing squats. It is really fun when she starts dancing.

-Is very headstrong and a bit of a handful but I sure love her to pieces!

Last years birthday balloon pictures: ONE

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  1. What fun pictures! We're big mother goose club fans around here too, it's so fun that she's talking and learning more! She seems like a great big sister :)


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