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Waffle Love


I think I have declared my Waffle Love obsession before, but just in case I thought I'd do it again. I love Waffle Love. I was pretty sure that every human in Utah had heard about Waffle Love and had tasted their delicious liege waffles, but then last week my very own cousin told me that he had never been before. Don't worry though, within the hour he was tasting their delicious goodness and was converted. Because even my own cousin hadn't heard of Waffle Love, I knew I had to blog about it incase there was anyone else who hasn't ever heard of it.

I am completely ecstatic that they have recently started a Davis County Waffle Love truck (our bank account, on the other hand is probably less than thrilled). My family members are also big Waffle Love Fans, so while my mom was in town we went and found the Davis County truck to get some waffles for lunch one day.

We took our waffles to a park by our house and had a little impromptu picnic in the grass. Reagan got her daily dose of park, and we got to eat our tasty waffles. I think it was just about perfection.


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