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The Photos that Missed Instagram


1. First things first. We finally bought a new couch! We had been using a hand-me-down couch that was as old as me, and it had definitely seen better days. It was totally uncomfortable, and falling apart a bit. We found this new one at the Overstock Outlet for a steal. We also got a new rug. I love how they look together!

2. We went swimming the other day at my aunt's neighbor's pool. It was absolutely the most stunning pool in all of Utah. I'm sure of it. It was an infinity pool that overlooked Utah Valley. Check out that view! With the lake in the background. Ahhhh! So pretty.

3. And speaking of pretty... just a gorgeous sunset, as seen from our front porch. I love these summer sunsets.

4. And another pretty... Reagan's curls. Sometimes they are totally perfect ringlets. They are the cutest thing. I hope that when we eventually cut her hair they stay.

1. When we were driving to Colorado there was a little while where both girls slept soundly in the car. Bliss!

2. We drove past the Fort Collins Temple on our way home. It's coming along and it sure is pretty. It's so cool for my home state to have more than one temple!

3. The night before we left for Colorado, I put Frozen on my old iphone (Reagan's phone). Reagan wanted to watch Frozen in a tent, so she put that blanket on her head and watched under that.

4. My cousin Ili was in town while I was in Colorado and we had so much fun playing together. She has two kids as well, both just barely older than my babies. We had a great time one afternoon at my parent's neighborhood pool. Reagan and Halle were both little fishies. And they got to ride home on the shoulders of D&L.

1. I couldn't pass up free Chick-Fil-A, so we cut out a bunch of spots and taped them to our white shirts and headed to lunch.

2. Reagan was all for it. But for some reason she thought she had to hold all of the spots on her shirt. She was a pretty cute little cow. (P.S. She calls Chick-Fil-A "Chicken Play" because she get to play at the play place whenever we go, it sounds very similar to the correct name.)

3. Reagan loves playing with my camera these days. She loves pressing the button. It's both cute and terrifying at the same time.

4. Hey, look! I'm dressed with make up on and my hair is done and my bed is made and I have a cute baby in my arms. That was a good day.

1. I looked down while we were driving the other day and I saw our reflections, so I snapped a picture. Jordan told me I was crazy.

2. This is from the Fourth of July, when Jordan beat me at the world's longest/tallest game of Jenga.

3. When we were leaving the pool the other day, Reagan insisted on riding in the little pouch on the bottom of the stroller. She actually fit pretty good down there. This picture is of her climbing out.

4. My daughter who refuses to wear clothes. Oh well. It's summer, right? Hopefully once winter rolls around (blechhhh!!) she'll realize that it's cold and start wearing clothes again.

1. At Martha's house the other day Reagan threw the entire container of goldfish down the stairs. And then proceeded to say, "Ah-oh! Ah-oh! Ah-oh!" Probably one of her bigger messes.

2. Some left over fruit salad from Naomi's blessing day. It was so tasty and pretty, I just wanted to take a picture of it.

3. and 4. Reagan chowing on some yogurt, one of her favorite foods, and of course trying to give me some bites. So generous that girl.

Layton Taste of the Town


Last Friday night we went to the 18th annual Taste of the Town in Layton. It was awesome. I had never been to something like that before but now I want to make sure to attend any and all tastes of towns possible. It was like a fair of sorts, except it was just food, and it wasn't a total rip off! There were around 25 different local restaurants who each set up a booth and offered one of their signature dishes for $1!

We got pizza from Lucky Slice, pulled pork sliders on rolls from Texas Roadhouse, shave ice from Little Cow Shaved Ice, and chicken nuggets for Reagan from Chick-fil-a. This one booth was selling everything French: french dip sandwiches, french fries, french toast, crepes, and napoleons. We got some of everything. Delicious!

We definitely made out like bandits, and ate like kings! It was so fun. And to top it off, Reagan was so well behaved. Seriously, we just had the best time.

And of course Naomi was there, but she mostly just hung out in the stroller. She is a fantastic baby. Truly pleasant.

After we finished our food we walked over to the park and let Reagan run around for a little while. I think her heaven is one big park. Parks are definitely her happy place.

^^My little free bird. She is happiest when she is running wild and free - no constraints.

A Week in the Life of a Mom

A Week in the Life of a Mom

It's been 91 diapers since last Sunday, and I thought I'd share some thoughts about motherhood. (I have a lot of thoughts about motherhood. I've shared some here and here). Mom life can get a little monotonous day in and day out. Somedays seriously kick my butt. Other days I am just bursting with pride that I have such cute and amazing children. I compiled a few statistics from my life as a mom and put together the infographic above. The statistics apply to any mom of 2ish children from about 1-3ish years old. Can anyone else relate to these numbers?

When you're dealing with spills and tantrums all day every day, sometimes it gets hard. One thing that I have recently realized though, is that if I just let Reagan be little, our days go much smoother. Even though I don't want her to climb and play under the table at Chick-Fil-A, when I let her do this we don't have to fight about it, and while I do think it is a little bit nasty, it doesn't pose any immediate danger, so I should probably just let this one go (and disinfect later). Choose your battles, right?

Or if I let her crawl all over me while we're eating dinner... Even though she has her own chair right next to mine. I do not particularly love it, but she does. I know she wont always do this. Someday she wont want to sit on my lap (or even sit by me probably). So instead of getting mad and insisting that she sit on her own chair, I should just let her be little.

The other thought that has been getting me through lately, is that no one is going to love these kids more than I do. I am their mother. This is the only childhood they get, so I need to figure out how to make it a good one for them. Even though my days are filled with diffusing tantrums, cleaning up spills, and changing diapers, there really isn't anything else I'd rather be doing. And while I do feel like I'm down in the trenches some days, I kind of see it like this: This is my time to be the mom of little babes. Soon it will be over (just like my time as a college student is somehow over) and the next thing I know my little babies will be off to college themselves and I'll be wondering where this time went. Why my babies are no longer babies. So I better grab that caffeinated beverage and start running along with them, because there's no place I'd rather be, than with them.

Wedding Invitation Design

Recently, I have been designing wedding announcements. I thought I'd share a few of my favorites here, because I really enjoy working on them. It feels like such an honor to be a part of a wedding in this way - to help design something that is going to get sent to every important person they have ever known. These couples below, had such great ideas, from fonts and layouts, down to color schemes. I'm so glad I was able to implement and design these for them.

Wedding Invitation Design Wedding Invitation Design

^^I feel like blue and yellow wedding colors are a very classy choice. For these announcements, they were kind of going for a rustic/elegant look, which I think we definitely achieved. Plus, don't they look so cute together?

Wedding Invitation Design Wedding Invitation Design

^^This project was especially fun because not only did I get to design the wedding announcements, but I also took their engagement pictures. But the real reason why it was fun is because Lindsey is Jordan's cousin, and we just love her. And Jon too! They are great. Love how these announcements turned out!

Wedding Invitation Design Wedding Invitation Design

^^I LOVED working on this announcement. Allison is one of my dearest friends, and I honestly felt so honored that she would let me design her wedding announcements. I loved their square rehearsal dinner and sealing cards. I think they were the perfect addition. (P.S. It is one of my most favorite things when the engagement picture matches the announcement)

Wedding Invitation Design Wedding Invitation Design

^^This couple had such fun ideas for their announcement. I loved the calendar with the heart on their date. Such a fun touch.

If you know anyone getting married in the near future, send them my way! I'd love to help them with their announcements!
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