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4th of July


We had a great 4th of July yesterday. It included all of the very best parts of this holiday: yummy food, family time, and fireworks. We had a slow morning at home, which included croissant french toast (a new recipe, and SOO yummy!), and then Jordan mowed the lawn. After we were all ready, we headed down to Annett's house for BBQ #1. Before the actual BBQ, Jordan biked the Alpine Loop (Go Jord!) while we played and hung out.

For dinner, we headed up to Jordan's parent's for BBQ #2. Reagan threw the biggest tantrum of her life (calming her down involved taking off all of her clothes, lots of chapstick, and watching Rescuers on the couch naked), I lost to Jordan at a record breaking game of huge Jenga (see here), and we ate some delicious food. We didn't quite get to sit and watch an awesome fireworks show, but we were driving home during the majority of the bigger shows, and saw LOTS of fireworks from the highway. It was fabulous.

The night before the 4th, we took Reagan outside to try out some Pop-it's. We were pretty sure she'd love them, and we were certainly correct. They were a hit!

^^Jordan and I had fun trying to take some fast shutter pictures of them popping. We really wanted to get a picture of a spark, but we couldn't quite time it correctly. They still turned out fun though.

It was a great holiday! And my favorite one at that. Even though my life has gotten progressively crazier since having kids, as everyone says, holidays are definitely more fun with them around (tantrums and all :)).

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  1. I love your hair in the pop-it pics! I bought some and forgot to bring them with us so I'll have to get them pit this week, glad they were a hit!


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