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Backyard Swimming


To go along with last week's Backyardagins post, and my goal of spending lots of time outside, we have been doing lots of backyard swimming. Reagan LOVES it, and I have figured out that if I let her swim about an hour before naptime, she'll go down like a champ! Everyone wins in this situation (except maybe Naomi, she just sits in her bouncy chair and naps. I guess that's a win for her, she just isn't aware of it.)

^^Reagan got this slide for her birthday and it makes the perfect water slide (she calls it her "water park"). This repeating gif is the perfect representation of how Reagan plays in this pool. She goes down the slide over and over and over and over...

^^Lots of head first sliding...

^^This is Reagan showing how old she is. It is pretty much 3 fingers, but it is usually accompanied by, "two yearssssss sold, two yearssssss sold! Two yearssssss sold!" so we get the point. It's pretty cute.

^^Seriously love this smiley girl. It is SOOOO hard to get good pictures of her these days, so these pictures are basically gold!

^^I've been having a really hard time with Reagan lately, and her "two yearssss sold"-ness. She can be SO difficult sometimes, but I think maybe if I printed out these pictures of her smiling and happy and hung them all around my house, I'd remember that she is actually sweet and cute sometimes. Maybe it would help me.

How are you guys staying cool this blazing hot summer? Any backyard play tips and tricks worth sharing?


  1. I seriously need to do the same thing about hanging really cute happy pictures of Ava everywhere haha because I thought I loved TWO and then two and a half came and I kind of want to die or never go anywhere in public again. These pictures are seriously golden though, so great!

    1. Every time we go anywhere I threaten that it will be out last time in public ever again! Hah!


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