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Backyardigans (and other odds and ends)


I have a goal to spend as much time as possible outside in our backyard this summer. One of the main reasons we bought this house was because of the backyard. It is really a great yard. Reagan is a little bit addicted to TV, so if I can get her outside playing instead of inside watching Cinderella for the 1,000,000th time it's definitely a win in my mind.

^^These photos are from a few weeks ago, when Reagan had her black eye. But she just looks so cute I wanted to post them anyway. And that top one with her feet up on the handle bars, so loungy. And her curls are just my favorite. She is just turning into the cutest little person.

^^These girls love their uncles. That's for sure.

^^Fiiz!! (Those cookies!! Why are they so good?!) I also have to mention that while Dylan has been staying with us I have LOVED having my own personal chauffeur. He is a great driver.

^^We also tried out the Bumbo the other day. We're still not so sure about it, but we do look really cute trying it out. And that last Bumbo photo... it is hilarious!

^^And I absolutely LOVE these pictures. Reagan's current obsession is "This little piggy..." and she especially loves doing it to Naomi. It's pretty cute.

^^Logan enjoys climbing the trees in my backyard, which has resulted in Reagan calling them all "Yoyo's tree" (Yoyo = Lolo = Logan).


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