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Layton Taste of the Town


Last Friday night we went to the 18th annual Taste of the Town in Layton. It was awesome. I had never been to something like that before but now I want to make sure to attend any and all tastes of towns possible. It was like a fair of sorts, except it was just food, and it wasn't a total rip off! There were around 25 different local restaurants who each set up a booth and offered one of their signature dishes for $1!

We got pizza from Lucky Slice, pulled pork sliders on rolls from Texas Roadhouse, shave ice from Little Cow Shaved Ice, and chicken nuggets for Reagan from Chick-fil-a. This one booth was selling everything French: french dip sandwiches, french fries, french toast, crepes, and napoleons. We got some of everything. Delicious!

We definitely made out like bandits, and ate like kings! It was so fun. And to top it off, Reagan was so well behaved. Seriously, we just had the best time.

And of course Naomi was there, but she mostly just hung out in the stroller. She is a fantastic baby. Truly pleasant.

After we finished our food we walked over to the park and let Reagan run around for a little while. I think her heaven is one big park. Parks are definitely her happy place.

^^My little free bird. She is happiest when she is running wild and free - no constraints.


  1. You look so pretty and Reagan's park pictures are just the best!

  2. Reagan looks so grown up in that dress!


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