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Naomi's Baby Blessing


Today was sweet Naomi's baby blessing. In our church when a baby is born, their father has the opportunity to give them a special blessing. My family was in town and Jordan's family was able to be there and it was so nice to share this day with all of them.

Annett found this gorgeous dress and bought it for Naomi thinking we could add a flower to the front and it could just be a pretty dress, but it was so beautiful, that I decided to use it as her blessing dress.

^^The lace details were so pretty on this dress! And I wasn't sold on the whole bonnet idea at first but it definitely grew on me, and I think she looks mighty cute.

^^She wore the same shoes that Reagan did for her blessing, and then we also used the special blanket I bought in Bethlehem.

Jordan gave Naomi a beautiful blessing. Some of the things I remember were that she would be healthy, confident, and develop a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. I couldn't wish for anything more for my baby!

Afterward, we had a little picnic in our backyard. Jordan made some tasty kalua pork which we had as pulled pork sandwiches, my grandma made some yummy potato salad, Annett made a fruit salad, and Martha brought some veggies and the famous dip.

Such a wonderful day with our family! I sure love our little Naomi and I'm so glad that she is ours.


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