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Naomi's Birth Story


The stunning photos in this post were taken by the ultra talented Jalene Taylor Photography. Check her out!

I had been progressing pretty consistently the weeks leading up to Naomi's birth. At my 35 week appointment I was dilated to a 1.5 and 60% effaced. At 36 weeks I had progressed a bit more and was at 2.5cm and 70%, at 37 weeks, I was still 70% effaced but 3cm dilated. Wednesday, May 6th, I had my 38 week appointment. Before my appointment I went to Martha's to drop off Reagan. While I was there, I had an occasional contraction, but they were very irregular. By the time I got to the doctor's office they were becoming more frequent and regular. I had one in the waiting room, and another three while I waited for Dr. Smith to come in and check me.

When he came in, I told him that I was currently having contractions. He checked me and told me that I was at 4cm. He asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital right then, and I said no. I really wanted to wait until the next week to have the baby. I wanted to go to the Bee's game that night for Landan's birthday, I wanted to go to the temple on Friday night, and then I had book club (I actually read the book that time...) on Saturday night and I knew that if I had a baby that night, I wouldn't get to do any of that. He said ok, but told me that I should probably stay near the hospital and walk around a bit to see what would happened.

At that point I knew for 100% certain that I was having my baby that night.

After my appointment, I walked out to my car and called my mom. I told her that I was having contractions and was pretty sure that the baby would be coming that night and that she should get in the car and head to Utah. We hadn't packed my hospital bag yet, or Reagan's bag (Jordan was the only one packed) and I didn't even have our new baby's coming-home-from-the-hospital outfit yet. I was so anxious to talk to Jordan, but I called him twice with no answer. So I texted him and said, "Baby time. Call me. Can you run home and pack bags and get car seat?" He left work and headed home. Luckily, we had made a pretty detailed list of what we wanted packed, so he was easily able to grab it all.

Since Dr. Smith has told me to walk around a bit, I decided to head across the street to Kohl's and walk around the store while finding a cute little outfit. I was getting so emotional in the car, thinking about Reagan getting a sister and not being my only child anymore. I was raining really hard.

I went back to Martha's after I found the outfit and got a few minutes of cuddles out of Reagan while we watched some TV. I was so anxious and nervous. There were still a few things I needed/wanted to do before I went to the hospital, one being buy newborn diapers, and the other being get a pedicure. So after a few minutes of playtime with Reagan, I headed out again to do those two things (My family thought it was so silly that I got a pedicure, but I knew I'd be staring at my toes for the next three days, while I laid in the hospital bed).

After I finished, I went back to Martha's and waited for Jordan. When he got there we went and drove-thru Chick-fil-A on the way to the hospital. I knew I needed to eat before I got there, because they wouldn't let me eat once I was settled in.

The hospital wasn't very busy (maybe only 4 other women), so they sent us to room 203 instead of triage. They had me put on a hospital gown so I could be checked and monitored. While I was changing, Jordan ran back out to the car to grab a few things we had left. As I waited for Jordan I started thinking about Reagan's birth and I realized that I delivered her in room 203. My eyes started to tear up remembering this and a bit of peace and calmness rushed over me. Good things happen in room 203.

I got changed and they come to monitor me. My contractions were constant but pretty far apart (7 minutes apart), and I was still at a 4, which was where I was at three hours previous at my doctor's appointment. The nurse said they would monitor me for an hour to see if I could progress at least 1cm, if not they might send me home. I told her that Dr. Smith had been telling me for weeks that he wouldn't let them send me home from the hospital because I lived so far away. The nurse told me she'd go call Dr. Smith and let us know what he wanted to do. I was expecting the nurse to come back in and tell me what he said, but instead both her and Dr. Smith walked in at 6:20 and he broke my water.

It seemed like there was a lot more water this time than last time. It got the sheets wet all the way to my feet, which was very uncomfortable for the next few hours (hindsight, I should have asked them to change it, but I thought it seemed like a lot of work). With my water broken, we obviously knew I'd be staying.

At 7:00 I got a new nurse. She came in to introduce herself and check on me and I knew the second I saw her name on her badge that she was one of our nurses at Alta View during my recovery with Reagan. I asked her if she used to work at Alta View and she told me that she had. Saddie was awesome and I'm so glad that somehow the stars aligned and she was able to be our nurse again that night. Another tender mercy.

At about 7:30, Jordan's dad came to help Jordan give me a blessing. I don't remember a whole lot from the blessing, but he blessed that everything would go well and that the doctors would know what to do to help both me and the baby.

I got my epidural at 8:00. Getting the epidural makes me so nervous. I'm always scared that something will go wrong. I was also nervous that I would get the shakes right away again, like I did with Reagan (but those didn't come until much later this time). While I was getting the epidural I had a zing through my left leg, which meant that my left side would probably be getting more medicine than my right.

All this time my contractions were getting a bit closer together and a bit stronger, though still bearable. Pretty soon after getting the epidural, I could still really feel my contractions in one isolated spot on the bottom of my uterus on the front, right side. I had a super painful hotspot that would end up lasting until delivery. They had me lay on my right side to try and get the medicine to flow that direction. I hated this. I was SO uncomfortable.

After my epidural, I got a catheter put in and then they told me to try and get some sleep. We turned off the lights and I tried, but wasn't able to actually fall asleep. We watched one episode of Friends while I miserably breathed through each contraction. By now they were about 2 minutes apart and SO painful in that hot spot. I was super uncomfortable laying on my side. At some point I had Jordan come over and sit by me. I would squeeze his hand through the contractions and he would remind me to breathe.

Saddie came in to check on me at 9:00 and sadly, I was only at a 6. Oh the heartbreak! After all of the painful contractions, how was I only at a 6? The baby was sitting pretty far back. Saddie was worried that maybe she was face up and having a hard time moving down.

We gave it a little longer to see if anything would happen. I was still in tons of pain during the contractions. Because of the pain, I did 3 rounds of pushing the epidural button, with 20 minutes between each push, but it didn't ever give me any relief. I remember being so mad that things weren't going quite as smoothly as they had with Reagan's birth. I wanted the easy, pain-free labor that I had the first time!

At 10:00 they started pitocin. I didn't notice any difference in my pain levels or contractions due to the pitocin, because I was already hurting so much. At 10:20 the anesthesiologist came back in and gave me some more drugs. Unfortunately, I had that dang hot spot until the very, very end.

Saddie came in at 11 to check me and to our surprise, I was complete! That pitocin (and all of those painful contractions) really did it's job! Saddie jokingly said, "Don't push, don't cough, don't sneeze." and she ran to call the doctor. At this point lots of people started coming in and out of the room to get it all ready for delivery. I remember the hustle and bustle but not much more because the contractions were so, so painful at this point. One was so painful I actually started crying.

Before the doctor got there Saddie wanted me to do some practice pushes. We got my legs up, Jordan on one side and her on the other, I grabbed behind my knees, took a deep breath, and started to push. Immediately Saddie said, "Stop! We're not going to do that until the doctor is here." Pretty soon after that, a nurse walked in and said that Dr. Smith had arrived.

^^This picture is awesome because you can see on the clock that it was 11:23. Naomi was born at 11:27! That just tells you how fast everything started happening at this point.

Dr. Smith came in, suited up and we started pushing. After one and a half pushes her head was out. One and a half more and she was all the way out! A total of 3 pushes and Naomi was born! Right when she came out, she wasn't crying which really freaked me out, but eventually she started to cry and I knew she was fine.

They put her up on my belly and started wiping her down. Just like when Reagan was born, she was completely covered in white. I could tell she was smaller than Reagan was, but she wasn't tiny. Right after I delivered her, I got the shakes, like I did before I had Reagan. It took a while for them to calm down, maybe 15-20 minutes.

Jordan cut her cord, which took two tries this time around.

I felt overjoyed and very thankful to have a healthy, perfect daughter. Just like when Reagan was born, I had a moment, where I looked up at Jordan and I could tell that we were feeling the same thing. Very happy and grateful.

Then there was a knock on the door, and in walked my mom who had been racing to get there from Colorado. She walked in at 11:34, just barely missing the actual birth, but still there for all of the commotion. It was fun to have her walk in when she did.

The nurses took Naomi over to the warming bed to get cleaned up, measured, and given her shots. Jordan went over to see the baby and my mom stayed by me. She was exactly 7 lbs and 20 inches long (I secretly really love it when babies are an exact pound measurement).

I remember them telling me that the placenta had been completely delivered and I kind of remember thinking, "Ok, so what? I don't care. Give me my baby back!" After they finished with Naomi, Jordan got to hold her for a minute, while they finished stitching me up. Dr. Smith said that I tore just a tiny bit, less than last time, which I was thankful for.

They brought Naomi back over to me and we did some skin to skin. She started rooting right away, so I started nursing her. She latched on immediately. She has been a champion eater right from the start (with Reagan we struggled with breastfeeding for about 6-8 weeks).

After I was all cleaned and stitched up my dad and brothers came in to meet Naomi. We hadn't really 100% decided on her name at this point. We were pretty sure we were going to name her Naomi, but we hadn't picked out a middle name to go with it.

I think my family instantly fell in love just like we did. They left a bit later with plans to come back in the morning.

Naomi got her bath around 1am. After that I was completely exhausted so I tried to get some sleep while Naomi went to the nursery. I didn't really get very much sleep though, because they brought Naomi in to eat at 3, and then Saddie came in at 5 to draw blood for some labs, and then Naomi came back in again at 6 to eat. The tiny bit of sleep was just enough to carry me over though, because I was so excited to hold and cuddle my new love.

Dave came to meet Naomi before going to work around 7:15, and my family got back the the hospital around 8:00.

Martha brought Reagan over around 8:15 to meet her baby sister.

Her reaction is priceless! She's very expressive. It was a little bit overwhelming for her because pretty much all of her favorite people were all in the same room, and everyone had an iphone or an ipad, and how in the world is she supposed to be excited about this baby she's never met before under these circumstances? The next time she came to visit she was a little bit more excited to "hold" her.

I enjoyed recovering at the hospital. While I was there, Annett and my grandma came to meet Naomi, and brought me the nicest presents. Landan came over with Dave and Martha the next night after his birthday dinner, and Devan came the next day during his lunch break. Jim and Alex also came up to see sweet Naomi, as well as Addie and Tate.

And just like that we became a family of 4. FOUR! I love these pictures of our new little family.

Then we left the hospital, and came home.  We are completely in love with our sweet, precious Naomi. I can't imagine our family without her sweet personality in the mix.


  1. She's beautiful Corina! I'm glad everything went well even though the beginning was frustrating. It's the worst when you have to wait and wait when you've been waiting so long already!

    1. Oh man I know. And I am not a patient person. I hate waiting! Haha

  2. Beautiful story. I love the new family photos-perfection. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you! And congrats on your new little one too!

  3. Beautiful story. I love the new family photos-perfection. Congratulations!

  4. Beautiful family! I enjoyed reading about your (her) birth story. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. You're welcome! I love reading other people's birth stories, so I figure I should share mine too!

  5. Welcome to the world, Naomi!

  6. Congratulations! You look beautiful throughout the whole thing! I was such a mess... LOL

  7. I love this. It's adorable the whole thing. Who took your pictures? I love them. I want beautiful pictures of my newborn like this but I'm feeling paranoid about having people in the room. And no one in my family can take pictures...


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