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Rockies Game


I have wanted to take Jordan to a Rockies game since we first got married. It only took me 5 years, but I can finally say that I have taken Jordan to a game at Coors Field. The girls and I spent all of last week in Colorado. I hadn't been since November, and it was definitely time for a trip. I planned to go the week I did, because the Rockies were scheduled to play the Angels. Jordan's brother, Landan, is a huge Angels fan (he came with us to Spring Training here and here) so we wanted to see if we could bring him to Colorado for the game. Jordan and Landan both couldn't miss very much work, so while I was in Colorado the whole week, they only came out for the game. They were in Colorado for a total of 21 hours. Ha! It was pretty fun. They flew in on Tuesday afternoon at 3, went straight to the game, and then flew home Wednesday at noon. Even though the Rockies got CREAMED by the Angels it was still really fun.

When we were walking into the game, one of the Security Guards told me to take Naomi to the Guest Relations Desk to get her "First Rockies Game" pin. I actually got one for both girls because it was technically Reagan's first Rockies game too!

^^Reagan was in it for the junk food. She was pretty fond of the popcorn, Twizzlers, and Gatorade. Mom of the Year award: I'm pretty sure that's what she had for dinner that night (I guess she also had some sugar snap peas that my mom brought to the game)

I hadn't been to a Rockies game since 2009. Now that I'm a mom, I'm learning that I don't really care about the score of the game, I like that we can all be together doing something we love. I especially loved sharing this with my little family because it was something I grew up doing with my family.

^^The sky threatened rain all day, and we were really worried we were going to get rained out. They even had the tarp out on the field when we got to the stadium. Thankfully though, it held up, and we got to enjoy the game. (How much of a bummer would it have been for Jordan and Landan to fly to Colorado just for this game and to not even have it played? I'm SO thankful it all worked out!)

^^Me and my girlies. I sure love them! I'm so lucky to be their mom!

^^Naomi was a champ the entire game. At one point I needed to feed her and she was so mad I was using a nursing cover. So I needed to find a place to nurse her in private. I wasn't about to use the bathroom (I've never done that and I hope I never have to), so my dad suggested I go check with the First Aid people. They had an awesome little setup for Nursing moms! A private, clean area with a super comfy chair. It was so nice!

^^Reagan got tired of sitting and watching the game pretty quickly, so my mom took her to play at this fun play place. It was perfect! She was totally in heaven running around and playing.

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  1. Great pictures! Those mow lines on a baseball field are one of my favorite things! "When in Rome" is all I have to say about Reagan's dinner haha live it up!


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