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The Photos that Missed Instagram


1. First things first. We finally bought a new couch! We had been using a hand-me-down couch that was as old as me, and it had definitely seen better days. It was totally uncomfortable, and falling apart a bit. We found this new one at the Overstock Outlet for a steal. We also got a new rug. I love how they look together!

2. We went swimming the other day at my aunt's neighbor's pool. It was absolutely the most stunning pool in all of Utah. I'm sure of it. It was an infinity pool that overlooked Utah Valley. Check out that view! With the lake in the background. Ahhhh! So pretty.

3. And speaking of pretty... just a gorgeous sunset, as seen from our front porch. I love these summer sunsets.

4. And another pretty... Reagan's curls. Sometimes they are totally perfect ringlets. They are the cutest thing. I hope that when we eventually cut her hair they stay.

1. When we were driving to Colorado there was a little while where both girls slept soundly in the car. Bliss!

2. We drove past the Fort Collins Temple on our way home. It's coming along and it sure is pretty. It's so cool for my home state to have more than one temple!

3. The night before we left for Colorado, I put Frozen on my old iphone (Reagan's phone). Reagan wanted to watch Frozen in a tent, so she put that blanket on her head and watched under that.

4. My cousin Ili was in town while I was in Colorado and we had so much fun playing together. She has two kids as well, both just barely older than my babies. We had a great time one afternoon at my parent's neighborhood pool. Reagan and Halle were both little fishies. And they got to ride home on the shoulders of D&L.

1. I couldn't pass up free Chick-Fil-A, so we cut out a bunch of spots and taped them to our white shirts and headed to lunch.

2. Reagan was all for it. But for some reason she thought she had to hold all of the spots on her shirt. She was a pretty cute little cow. (P.S. She calls Chick-Fil-A "Chicken Play" because she get to play at the play place whenever we go, it sounds very similar to the correct name.)

3. Reagan loves playing with my camera these days. She loves pressing the button. It's both cute and terrifying at the same time.

4. Hey, look! I'm dressed with make up on and my hair is done and my bed is made and I have a cute baby in my arms. That was a good day.

1. I looked down while we were driving the other day and I saw our reflections, so I snapped a picture. Jordan told me I was crazy.

2. This is from the Fourth of July, when Jordan beat me at the world's longest/tallest game of Jenga.

3. When we were leaving the pool the other day, Reagan insisted on riding in the little pouch on the bottom of the stroller. She actually fit pretty good down there. This picture is of her climbing out.

4. My daughter who refuses to wear clothes. Oh well. It's summer, right? Hopefully once winter rolls around (blechhhh!!) she'll realize that it's cold and start wearing clothes again.

1. At Martha's house the other day Reagan threw the entire container of goldfish down the stairs. And then proceeded to say, "Ah-oh! Ah-oh! Ah-oh!" Probably one of her bigger messes.

2. Some left over fruit salad from Naomi's blessing day. It was so tasty and pretty, I just wanted to take a picture of it.

3. and 4. Reagan chowing on some yogurt, one of her favorite foods, and of course trying to give me some bites. So generous that girl.


  1. Ah man love all the funny Reagan things. Toddlers are the best haha! I also love your reflection picture, how cool :)


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