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Wedding Invitation Design

Recently, I have been designing wedding announcements. I thought I'd share a few of my favorites here, because I really enjoy working on them. It feels like such an honor to be a part of a wedding in this way - to help design something that is going to get sent to every important person they have ever known. These couples below, had such great ideas, from fonts and layouts, down to color schemes. I'm so glad I was able to implement and design these for them.

Wedding Invitation Design Wedding Invitation Design

^^I feel like blue and yellow wedding colors are a very classy choice. For these announcements, they were kind of going for a rustic/elegant look, which I think we definitely achieved. Plus, don't they look so cute together?

Wedding Invitation Design Wedding Invitation Design

^^This project was especially fun because not only did I get to design the wedding announcements, but I also took their engagement pictures. But the real reason why it was fun is because Lindsey is Jordan's cousin, and we just love her. And Jon too! They are great. Love how these announcements turned out!

Wedding Invitation Design Wedding Invitation Design

^^I LOVED working on this announcement. Allison is one of my dearest friends, and I honestly felt so honored that she would let me design her wedding announcements. I loved their square rehearsal dinner and sealing cards. I think they were the perfect addition. (P.S. It is one of my most favorite things when the engagement picture matches the announcement)

Wedding Invitation Design Wedding Invitation Design

^^This couple had such fun ideas for their announcement. I loved the calendar with the heart on their date. Such a fun touch.

If you know anyone getting married in the near future, send them my way! I'd love to help them with their announcements!


  1. Corina!! I love these!! I am definitely coming to you when I finally get married!!

  2. Love every one of these. You are SO talented!!


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