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Summit Challenge


^^Picture from the Summit Challenge Photo Gallery^^

Last Saturday Jordan rode in the Summit Challenge for the second year in a row. He rode 102 miles on his bike starting and ending in Park City, going through many of the surrounding towns. I jumped on the chance to spend the day in Park City and Heber, so I volunteered to drop him off at 6:30am. Reagan was with grandma, so Naomi and I enjoyed some alone time. We did the race chase for the first hour or two, following the bikers, driving ahead and then waiting for Jordan to ride by. I really like doing that. I think it's fun to watch him bike. We drove over to a lookout of Jordanelle and the dam and then continued over into Heber to meet Jordan at his halfway point, where he had lunch. After he had refueled and was on his way, I was ready for some lunch too. And since I was in Heber, I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to go to Dairy Keen (especially since it is peach shake season!).

After Dairy Keen, Naomi and I headed to the Outlets for a little while and then we went and waited at the finish line to watch Jordan end his ride. I'm not sure what it is about finish lines at sporting events but they make me SO emotional. It's something about hard, hard work and finishing something that is extremely difficult. All of the months, and months of training all culminating in this exact instant. His race number was 666. He said that everyone who talked to him made the exact same joke, "That's one hell of a number!" Jordan did great and I'm so proud of him for doing something so challenging and staying active and healthy.

Throwback Thursday: School Pictures


Since everyone is out buying school supplies and heading to back to school night, I thought it would be fun to do a little Throwback Thursday: School Pictures edition. I just know you've been dying to see my gap-toothed, brace-face 6th grade picture...

Pictured above you can see my 4-year-old self, taken at preschool, in 1994. Cute, huh?

Next, we have Kindergarten and 1st grade. I went to a charter school from K-8th grade, so you will notice the uniform in all of these pictures, until I get to high school. Clearly, I got a major haircut sometime between Kindergarten and 1st grade. It also looks like a lost a bit of baby face. I don't quite look so tiny in 1st grade as I did as a little Kindergartener.

On to 2nd and 3rd grade. Both very similar. Similar hair and the exact same outfit. Nice. I look a little bit more tan in the 2nd grade picture. And It looks like I finally started to lose teeth. No more baby front teeth. Also, in 2nd grade I seemed to be growing out my bangs, by 3rd they were fully grown back.

Here we have 4th and 5th grade. Looks like the bangs are back, and it appears that I got my ears pierced! In my 5th grade picture I look shy or something. More timid than the 4th grade pic. And it looks like my mom finally let me stop wearing the plaid vest in my school pictures.

For embarrassments sake, I should probably skip these next 3, but I'll share them if you promise to be nice. This is 6th and 7th grade. 6th grade was by far my worst school picture. I got braces and an expander and it looks like my teeth are actually farther apart than they were before I got them. And I'm pretty sure this was my picture re-take, so just imagine the original one. It looks like between 6th and 7th grade I started plucking my eyebrows. So glad I started doing that.

And we'll finish off with 8th and 9th grade. Man adolescence is such an awkward time. I think I look a little bit more grown up in the 9th grade picture than in the 8th. And you will notice that for the first time ever, I was able to wear regular clothes on picture day! No more uniform. Hoorah!

Happy back to school!

Super Reagan


Danger is approaching! The only hope for the Sorensen home is SUPER REAGAN!

Time to suit up! First step, remove civilian clothing. Next, add mom's nursing cover as a cape and we can't forget some kind of protective eye wear. And of course, completely functional and fashionable superhero princess shoes.

Your mission should you choose to accept it...

...involves the recovery of a stolen item designated "binky." You may select any two team members, but it is essential that the third member of your team be baby Naomi. She is small, and highly capable of distraction.

This message will self-destruct in five seconds.


Young Women Back to School Kit

Young Women Back to School Kit

I've mentioned previously that I currently work with the young women at my church. They are getting ready to head back to school tomorrow so as a little "back to school" treat we put these fun boxes together for them. I received a very similar "back to school" kit when I was a young women and I remember thinking it was the cutest thing ever, so I was excited to recreate it for my young women.

Most of what we included in the kits can be purchased at the Dollar Store for very reasonable prices (4 packs of gum for $1, 44 erasers for $1, 4 highlighters for $1, 3 memo pads for $1). I did however get the hand sanitizer at Smith and Edwards (for $0.10 each!), and the purple boxes from Pick Your Plum (10 for $1). Here is what we included in each kit:

We put everything into the cute boxes and then attached the little label using my favorite thing, baker's twine. If you can't find a box of some sort, a brown paper bag would also be very cute and fitting with the whole school theme.

CLICK HERE to download the School Supply List label.

Young Women Back to School Kit Young Women Back to School Kit

One of my favorite parts about working with the young women is that there is room for fun and cute little crafts or handouts. I always really appreciated cute things when I was a young women (and I still have almost all of them), so I hope that the girls I work with appreciate it as well. Happy back to school!

Young Women Back to School Kit Young Women Back to School Kit

Five Years!


Today is our 5th wedding anniversary! I used to think that 5 years was SO long. Turns out 5 years is nothin'! I love this man of mine and can't wait for many, many more years with him. As we've been thinking about the last 5 years we came up with a few numbers, and I put them together in a little Anniversary Infographic. It's been a good 5 years.


Topper Bakery | Ogden, Utah


After our visit to the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival, and before we headed home, we stopped at Topper Bakery for a little breakfast treat. Although they don't bake on Saturdays you can still get a donut or sweet treat for half price (and if you know us, you know we love a deal).

I got a regular old glazed donut, Jordan got a cinnamon twist donut, Reagan got a maple donut and we couldn't resist a round cherry turnover as well (which was the most delicious thing we have ever tasted). All of this for $2.01.

The cool thing about Toppers is that they supply the buns for Burger Bar in Roy, which has been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (this is especially fun because when we went to Burger Bar for the first time in 2012, I wrote in my blog post that the burger was served on a delicious bun). They also make pitas for a local Greek restaurant, and hoagies and buns for a BBQ joint so the corner of the store had stacks and stacks of goods ready for use all across town.

I can't wait to go back and get another one of those turnovers! Yum!!

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