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Bee's Game


Jordan's parents took us to the Bee's game a few weekends ago. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to go to one last baseball game before Summer ends. I just love being at the ballpark, pretty much any baseball game, I just love being there.

^^I wanted Jordan to take a picture of me and Naomi, so usually I'll take a picture of him standing where I want to stand in the picture to get the settings on the camera correct. While I did this he flashed this great model pose, showing off my purse, since he was carrying it for me while I carried Nomes, and it just made me laugh so I had to post it.

^^She's still a major binky hound. I'm gearing up to take it away in the next few weeks. Wish me luck.

Reagan's very favorite part of the evening was definitely riding the train. She was in HEAVEN! Completely beaming. the. entire. ride. Jordan rode with her and I think her little heart was about to explode from happiness. She's been talking about riding a choo choo ever since, and is most definitely looking forward to her next choo choo ride (now I just need to figure out where to take her on another train ride...)


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