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Five Years!


Today is our 5th wedding anniversary! I used to think that 5 years was SO long. Turns out 5 years is nothin'! I love this man of mine and can't wait for many, many more years with him. As we've been thinking about the last 5 years we came up with a few numbers, and I put them together in a little Anniversary Infographic. It's been a good 5 years.



  1. HI Corina!
    Congrats on your anniversary! You look simply stunning, which is why I think you'd be perfect for my BEAUTIFUL Campaign. Check it out!

  2. You do look absolutely beautiful! Jordan is so lucky to have you, you guys are such a great team!

  3. Your infographics are so amazing. One of these years I need to hire you to make infographic Christmas cards for me.


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