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Lately we've been having a few visitors stay at our house. Some of our recent visitors included the Harper Family, who we absolutely love. Occasionally, when they come to Utah we get to meet up and have dinner or a short visit, but other times they stay with us and we get to wear lots of princess shoes, have backyard BBQ's, and stay up way past our bedtimes playing games. It is the best! I so wish we lived in the same state and could hang out more often!

Lately we've been going on short hikes. A few weeks ago, right before Logan headed back to Colorado we went on a little hike up on the hill by our house. Reagan refused to wear pants or her hiking shoes so we let her go in her skirt and crocs. What can ya do, right? And sweet Naomi napped pretty much the whole time. At the end of the hike we got passed by some horses. Reagan was completely shocked! Below Jordan is mimicking Reagan's shocked face. It was hilarious.

Lately we have been getting great use out of our rain boots.  Reagan would wear her rain boots 24-7 if we let her. The other day we went out for a little after dinner puddle splashing (aka a walk). We had barely made it around the corner from our house and it started pouring. We ran home as fast as we could and continued our splashing on the back patio. Lately when Reagan loves something she will either crouch down and walk or put her arms out in front of her with her hands in fists and run. Both are pictured below.

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  1. Those girls in their princess shoes...adorable! Loved seeing you guys so much, thanks for having us!


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