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Summit Challenge


^^Picture from the Summit Challenge Photo Gallery^^

Last Saturday Jordan rode in the Summit Challenge for the second year in a row. He rode 102 miles on his bike starting and ending in Park City, going through many of the surrounding towns. I jumped on the chance to spend the day in Park City and Heber, so I volunteered to drop him off at 6:30am. Reagan was with grandma, so Naomi and I enjoyed some alone time. We did the race chase for the first hour or two, following the bikers, driving ahead and then waiting for Jordan to ride by. I really like doing that. I think it's fun to watch him bike. We drove over to a lookout of Jordanelle and the dam and then continued over into Heber to meet Jordan at his halfway point, where he had lunch. After he had refueled and was on his way, I was ready for some lunch too. And since I was in Heber, I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to go to Dairy Keen (especially since it is peach shake season!).

After Dairy Keen, Naomi and I headed to the Outlets for a little while and then we went and waited at the finish line to watch Jordan end his ride. I'm not sure what it is about finish lines at sporting events but they make me SO emotional. It's something about hard, hard work and finishing something that is extremely difficult. All of the months, and months of training all culminating in this exact instant. His race number was 666. He said that everyone who talked to him made the exact same joke, "That's one hell of a number!" Jordan did great and I'm so proud of him for doing something so challenging and staying active and healthy.


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