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Hometown Hunt: Kaysville Theatre


One of my favorite local gems in Davis County is the Kaysville Theatre. It is quaint and charming. I love everything about it, from the twinkly lights to the $1 popcorn. (YOU READ THAT RIGHT! $1!) They are super family friendly, and with tickets being only $2 on weekdays and $3 on weekends, it is hands down the most affordable way to catch a show.

At this theater, there is a unique thing that happens a few minutes before every movie starts. They play an ancient commercial about cleaning up after yourself. In the commercial a tennis shoe steps on some gum and everyone in the theater (except you, if it's your first time) simultaneously shouts, "EWWWWWW!" The first time you experience this you are not sure what to think, which makes it hilarious. The second time however, you feel like you are a part of some secret club, because you know when to shout "EWWWW!" with the rest of the crowd.

Sometimes after the kids are tucked in bed, my girlfriends and I will sneak out of the house, leaving our husbands at home to go see a late night showing. We'll splurge and get a $1 popcorn as well as a $1 drink, and thoroughly enjoy a little GNO. It is quite ideal.

Kaysville Theatre Davis County Gem Kaysville Theatre Davis County Gem

Another way to find fun local venues or events is through Eventbrite. Eventbrite offers a wide variety of services for people who want to host or attend local events. It's super user-friendly and allows attendees to pay for or reserve their tickets or admission online. I love that you can search by zipcode and that it has an option to view the free events in your area (I'm all about finding deals!).

If you're at a loss for something to do on Friday night, I'd definitely recommend catching a show at the Kaysville Theatre, or taking a peek at Eventbrite to find events in your area.

This post was written in collaboration with Eventbrite! All opinions and pictures are my own.


  1. I love that theater! They have free kids movies in the summer too! I took my little girl to a couple of them this summer-- and it was really fun!

    1. That sounds really fun! I'll have to see if I can catch a few of those next summer. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Whoa I've been to this theatre before and forgot all about it! How fun!

    1. Really? That's funny! I love this theater. It's so fun.


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