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Maui | Part 2


Oh, the ocean. I really need more ocean in my life. Even after two weeks I still didn't quite get my fill. Reagan is our little water baby. She loves nothing more than being wet: swimming, taking baths, touching water, washing her hands, splashing in puddles...etc. So this trip was extra fun for all of us because it was so awesome watching how happy Reagan was in the water.

^^Jordan and Dylan both bought these silly hats at the flea market. Hello tourist! And just check out the smile on Reagan's face. Doesn't get much better than that.

While we were there, there just so happened to be 2 huge hurricanes/tropical storms in the Pacific. I think it only rained a total of two times thankfully, but those crazy storms did make the surf extra huge. Which was a little crazy at times, but overall not the worst thing that could have happened.

We stayed in Kihei at Kamaole Sands, which is right across the street from Kam 3. Every night right before sunset the field across the street from our condo would fill with people getting ready to watch the sunset. Logan, Naomi, and I went over to watch it one night with my camera to snap a few pictures of the beauty.

^^Nice face Log.

^^I loved how the clouds turned pink.

We had a pretty elaborate system when we went to the beach. We bought this tent before we left, which ended up being pretty great for only $45. We mostly bought it for Namoi, since my main goal was to keep her out the the sun at all times. Not only was it small enough to pack in a suitcase, but it had a floor to try to minimize the sand problem (which inevitably got all over her anyway).

^^I never brought Naomi in the ocean but she did swim in the condo pool a few times. She was such a good baby the entire trip. She still slept great at night and would nap on the go. Love this little, happy dolly.

And today I'll finish with this gem. I sometimes forget that Reagan is still a toddler. I feel like she is really old sometimes. She has such a huge vocabulary, easily communicates every single need or want she might have, rarely stops talking, and is so big for her age, that it just slips my mind occasionally. When I found this picture though, I was reminded of the fact that she really is still my baby girl, who rides in a carseat, doesn't know how to correctly put on sunglasses or a hat and is still hooked on a binky (at that point, we've since taken it away.) I sure love my little baby girl!


  1. Reagan's smiles in the water are so so cute!! And the last picture of her is perfect, I love reminders of how little our babies really are :)

  2. Looks like an amazing trip!! Love all of your pictures!


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