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Naomi | 4 Months Old


Our sweet Naomi turned 4 months old while we were in Hawaii. To mark this milestone, she decided to learn how to roll over! She's mostly a back to front roller (which was the opposite of Reagan's first few weeks rolling) but occasionally will roll the other way. She still eats like a champ and sleeps like a champ. One of my favorite things about Naomi, is how happy she is when she wakes up. She is absolutely the most cheerful person ever, right when she wakes up. SO smiley and giggly.

While we were in Hawaii, Jordan started thinking and after a bit of mental math, concluded that Naomi has spent approximately 13% of her little life in Hawaii. Lucky girl. She was a wonderful traveler and truly is a complete joy. The best baby alive I'm pretty sure. She talks and coos and laughs like it's her job (which it is) and generally makes us all very happy. Tomorrow we have her 4 month doctor appointment. I'm excited to see what she weighs.


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