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Family of FOUR


Pretty much the instant Naomi was born I was itching to get some new family pictures taken. I needed some good pictures with my new baby in them to hang in my house. After I saw these pictures (and these pictures) I was dying to get our family pictures taken at the State Fair. I sent an email to Kaycie a few weeks before the State Fair and asked her if she could help me with my request. I love her style and I was so happy she agreed! I love these pictures she took of my little family! Seriously, these are such treasures. And honestly, it's amazing that she was able to capture some good ones of Reagan. She was being a typical 2 year old that night and getting her to smile at the camera was definitely a challenge. I think we ended up with some really great shots. (She even took a few on her film camera that turned out SOOO cute! Like the one above ^^)

If you're in Utah and in need of some family pictures I'd highly recommend Kaycie. Not only does she have a great eye, but she's reasonably priced and her turn around time is really fast! Check her out!


  1. Not sure if my comment posted....but just in case it didn't here it is again. Although probably not the same! Haha. I seriously love these photos though! You four are one beautiful family and I love that you had the photos done at the fair! Kaycie did such a great job with these! Now if only we lived closer so we could have her take our photos!

  2. Oooooh! I love these!!! So fun and cute! Your family is beautiful!

  3. Okay, for real, these pictures are SO great! Love them! I love the carnival idea as well!


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