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Maui | Part 4


I think one of my favorite parts of our trip was renting scooters. My mom rented 3 scooters for 4 days. I had never really ridden on/driven a scooter, and now I'm thinking that Jordan and I need to invest in some to just run around town on, or go on dates on. They were awesome! Cruising around on those little scooters was one of my favorite things I've ever done in my whole life! Seriously! The wind on my face and in my hair, the sun on my skin, the palm tress and ocean all along the road... PERFECTION!

^^One of our favorite things to do was scoot over to our favorite shave ice lady and enjoy a sweet, cool treat. Our favorite combination this trip was the P.L.S (Peace Love Shave Ice) which was pineapple and li hing mui (sour plum), and of course sweetened condensed milk on top! It was SOOOO good! Wish I could have one right now!

^^I made the fam stop at the overlook one day because I knew it would be a perfect photo op! But while we were there we saw the coolest thing. A sting ray kept jumping COMPLETELY out of the water. It was incredible.

^^We had been planning this photo for months. Reagan is quite fond of sunglasses so we wanted a hat and sunglasses picture of everyone. And I think it turned out quite cute if I do say so myself.

One day while the boys drove the Road to Hana the girls went to the Maui Tropical Plantation. Reagan had been begging to ride on a train (like she often does) so we found what we thought was the closet thing to a train ride on Maui. I'd say she was pretty satisfied. It was pretty fun. We got to see a coconut husking demonstration, and see lots of cool plants, like I never knew what an avocado tree looked like, or a macadamia nut tree, or the difference between a coconut/palm tree...etc.

^^The silliest part though, was that we were the only people on the entire train! Just me and my mom and Reagan and Naomi.

One day we swam at Mokuleai Bay (also known as Slaughterhouse Beach, which if you ask me isn't all that great of a name for a beach...). Check out this water! It looked like a postcard! It was SO blue.

After swimming at that beach we went and had lunch and then headed back down to Kaanapali so Logan (and Jordan, Alex, and my mom) could cliff jump off Black Rock.

^^Alex, Jordan, and Logan jumping off the rock together.

Our flight home from Maui was a redeye flight and we had to be out of our condo by 10am. So we had a whole day with all of our stuff in the car, and we couldn't really go swimming/to the ocean because we didn't want to get dirty. So we went to Lahaina in the morning (Logan and Alex actually did get in the ocean. They went Parasailing.), and then we went to Paia for lunch and then on to Haleakala, the big volcano on Maui. I sort of wish we could have done this drive one morning or evening to either watch the sunrise or sunset, but it actually was pretty awesome in the middle of the day so it didn't totally matter. It was crazy to be above the clouds. The drive was gorgeous.

^^Construction of the new solar telescope to be completed in 2019.

^^Check out that great view into the crater. NOT! It was completely foggy. (Kind of like when we went up to Twin Peaks and our stellar view of SF was total fog.)


  1. Wow! What great memories! Those are some deep sand footprints

  2. I am DYING to go to Maui now. Your trip looks incredible!!


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