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Naomi | 5 Months


This smiley lover is 5 months old. I remember feeling this way with Reagan too, but for some reason 5 months just seems SO old. Like 4 months is still a tiny baby and 5 months is like she really is growing up ;(

She really is getting big. I saw a teeny, tiny newborn today and Naomi seemed like a giant in comparison. She seemed SOOO long and her cheeks seemed extra chunky! She rolls from her back to her tummy every time she is set down. She has a great laugh. Sleeps from about 9 or 10ish to 6 or 7ish. Wears mostly 6-9 month clothes. Loves attentions from whoever will give it to her, especially her sister. She LOVES when Reagan sings to her, especially in the car. Tried rice cereal and LOVED it. She's getting really good in her jumper. She loves grabbing things. Just a great lovable, squishable Nomes (her most commonly used nickname, second to Nomi).

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