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I like to take Photobooth pictures on my computer. I think these pictures are such a fun progression of our house/living situation as well as a little snapshot of how dang fast my babies are growing. The first few pictures are from right after Reagan was born before we bought our house. Then, we bought our house, changed out our dining room table, built our bookshelves and desk which required a change of computer location, I got huge and pregnant, we redid the kitchen and tore out the carpet and the fridge moved from one side of the kitchen to the other, and Naomi was born, all the while Reagan was getting bigger and bigger.

These pictures are also a very honest insight into my day to day life. Sometimes my floor is clean but other times there are toys all over. Sometimes there are flowers on my table but usually just plates that still need to be cleared. Sometimes my hair and makeup are done, other times I just rolled out of bed and am wearing a robe. In 14 of the pictures my hair is braided, in 5 my hair is left down, in 26 of them my hair is back in a bun, and in 1 of them I'm wearing a hat. In 6 of them Reagan is wearing jammies, 1 of them she's wearing pants on her arms, and in 1 she's not wearing clothes at all.

There are about a million of these because I had a hard time paring them down. And the very last one was taken today, just a few hours ago.

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  1. Your hair is so cute in so many of these! Does Reagan have lipstick on in the last one? haha or is the coloring on my computer just messed up? Naomi is also getting so so big!


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