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Thanksgiving 2015


I had one of the best Thanksgivings this year. I'm not sure what made it so great, but tonight as this holiday weekend is coming to a close, I just really feel like this Thanksgiving was one of my favorites. We stayed in Utah this year and were able to work on a few house projects, have Thanksgiving dinner at Annett's house with lots of family, play lots (and I mean A LOT) of games, do a bit of shopping, and eat lots of yummy food. A few pictures from our Thanksgiving below:

^^I got handed the napkins as we were setting the table, and after a 2 minute Pinterest search I decided pinwheel napkins would be much more fun than just a plain old rectangular one. P.S. So fancy this year! Chargers and china, with real silver silverware.

^^This is a silly picture but I like it for a number of reasons. 1. Reagan's coat was on upside down and she was so frustrated that we wouldn't zip it up for her. 2. The princess shoes. Always, the princess shoes. 3. The moving boxes. Lots of transitioning going on these days, with lots of people moving.

^^Probably my favorite picture from Thanksgiving. I like watching my dad carve the turkey. Just one of those things ya know...

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Ode to the Minivan


Oh, minivan! Thank you for joining my life. You have turned me into a new kind of mother. A minivan mother. I was hesitant to welcome you into my life but you have officially changed it for the better. Thank you for transporting me all around town. Thank you for having automatic doors and a power life gate. Thank you for having radio control buttons on the steering wheel and especially for the parking assist alarm and backup camera. Now I fear these are things I will never be able to live without.

Oh, minivan! Thank you for keeping my bum warm with your seat warmers on these chilly, chilly days. Thank you for having a television to keep my 2 year old entertained (and especially for your headphones).

Oh, minivan! Thank you for allowing me to transport large things. Thank you for having 17 cup-holders and a Lazy Susan in the under seat storage. Thank you for having separate climate control and ski racks.

Oh, minivan! Thank you for the extra room you have provided for each passenger in my car. Thank you for allowing me to carry more than 1 additional passenger, and not forcing someone to squish between two carseats. Thank you for allowing me to transport more than just my stroller. Thank you for joining our family. Please make yourself at home. Stay awhile!


At the end of September, Jordan totaled his car. He was looking out the window and the 16-year-old driver in front of him stopped super abruptly and he wasn't able to stop before hitting her car. It wasn't a very bad accident, but his car was old and had very sensitive airbags which both deployed causing the car to be totaled in the sense that it would cost more to repair it than it was worth. It was pretty frustrating saying goodbye to this car, because it still ran just fine. You see cars driving around that are way more smashed than his was. (If the airbags hadn't gone off, he might still be driving it.) The most annoying thing is that we only had basic insurance on the Accord because it was so old. So we didn't get any money from our car insurance. (We did end up selling it for $400 on KSL.)

Our plan has always been to have Jordan drive the Accord until it died, and then we'd switch. He'd take the Civic and we'd get a bigger family car. We weren't planning on doing this for like another 2 years. But oh well. Plans changed. After sharing 1 car, Jordan riding his bike/front runner to work, borrowing cars, or staying home cooped for about 2 months, we finally decided and found a van we liked and that checked out with our mechanic.

Life is so interesting. How is it possible that just 11 weeks after paying off the Civic, we total the Accord and have to buy a new car, and get another car payment? So much for enjoying the car payment-less life! (For now!) Even though it's frustrating, I still love this van. It has definitely made my life easier. I love that I can fold the seats down and change diapers or put them up and feed Naomi without ever getting out of my car. I love having the extra seats. The Civic was VERY crowded with two carseats and a stroller. I felt like I was always wishing for more room to transport people or things.

I guess the bottom line is that I'm so thankful that Jordan wasn't hurt in the accident and that we now get to enjoy a larger family car as a result of it.

And for documentation's sake here is the smashed Accord:

A Day in the Life...


Every six months or so (emphasis on the or so part this time) I like to carry my big camera around with me all day and capture our happenings. The last time I did this was in March, so technically I should have done this in September but the busyness of life have majorly caught up with me lately so I'm just happy I got it done before the real craziness of the holidays start. 

Here is what November 16th looked like for me:


Jordan was already up and out the door by the time I awoke to the pitter patter of little feet running across the room next door. Reagan woke up so happy today. 


She was especially happy and excited to turn on all the lights this morning. 

Reagan wanted a smoothie for breakfast and I had some Cream of Wheat.

We talked on block phones...

...and wore block hats. Before I could sit down to eat my breakfast we heard some sweet Naomi squeaks signaling that she was awake!

Whenever Naomi wakes up Reagan runs into her room and climbs into the crib with her.

Here is me and Nomes in all of our morning glory, bedhead, robe and all.

We came back into the kitchen to finish our breakfast. After we ate, I fed Naomi.

And then it was bath time.

Naomi played in the jumper for a little while, while Reagan bathed.

It was a dry shampoo and french braid kind of day.

Naomi got tired so I put her down for a nap, while I cleaned my room a little bit. I made the bed...

...and tackled this pile of clothes. When Reagan got out of the tub, she threw a fit about getting dressed. Insisting that she do it herself.

Then she asked to play with the kids, which I know now means play with the Old Maid cards.

I planned out our weekly meals and made a grocery list. Usually we do this on Saturday, but our Saturday was CRAZY last weekend, so it didn't get done until Monday.

While I made my lists, Reagan played with the magnets...

...with her shirt on backwards (how it stayed the entire day) and without pants.

Once I had my lists ready (and I was finally able to get some pants on Reagan, and bribed her to wear her coat) we headed out to run errands.

First, I had to return a shirt at Old Navy.

Then, a quick stop at Target (where I drove the Suburban cart, because Reagan will actually ride in it).

Followed by, groceries at Walmart.

When we got home, I unloaded the groceries from the car, while Reagan entertained Naomi in her carseat.

Then I turned on James and the Giant Peach so I could feed Naomi without Reagan destroying the house.

I think Naomi was satisfied with the meal.

Reagan continued to play/watch TV while I got lunch ready.

We had grilled cheese.

Reagan may look happy here, but she pretty much didn't eat any of her lunch.

Naomi played in the jumper again, until she got tired and I put her down for another nap.

When Naomi was asleep, I hopped on the computer to edit some photos I took this weekend. Oh and I was listening to Pandora, Harry Connick, Jr. Holiday Station.

After I finished on the computer I stared making some cookies. Reagan LOVES to help, and especially to lick the beater when I'm all finished.

Thumbs up!

Reagan mingled between watching Super Why, and helping me make cookies.

She loves looking in the oven.

Kitchen disaster.

I am really enjoying this tree right now. This picture doesn't quite capture the perfect golden yellow of the leaves. Had to be documented because I was starring at it out my kitchen window all afternoon.

Then we got out the legos and built color towers.

Naomi woke up from her nap...

... so I fed her.

Reagan came over to decorate my fingers while I fed Naomi.

I was still working on my cookies so Reagan and Naomi got some sister lego time.

While I was trying to get the bumbo, I knocked this pot off the counter and it shattered. So I had to clean that up (and those are leaves for our thankful tree).

I finished the cookies, and moved Naomi over to the kitchen.

She is always smiling and happy.

About this time Jordan came home from work. It was like National Movie Day or something, and we had a free Redbox code so Jordan and Reagan ran to the store to get a movie to watch for Family Home Evening.

Naomi took another nap, and I was left with a minute of quiet  time, so I got on the computer...

...and cleaned up this mess.

We had chili for dinner.

...and salad. It was yummy.

At least we thought so. Reagan wouldn't touch it.

Instead she played under the table....

...and then in Naomi's jumper.

After dinner, we popped some popcorn...

(which ended up being Reagan's dinner. Plain popcorn, no butter or salt)...and put on Inside Out.

Once the movie was over we put Reagan to bed.

Almost at the exact moment Naomi woke up. (How do they do that? Oh you're going to bed? Ok, I'll wake up...)

So I fed her.

And then she got a little bit of playtime with dad.

I like to read my scriptures in the morning, but there just wasn't a chance, so I went and read them now.

And took a bath, because I was freezing.

When I got out, we played with Naomi a little bit. Rolling...

...and sitting!

While we watched some Jane the Virgin, one of our current favorite shows.

Then we decided to give Namoi a quick little bath....

...and then we put her to bed. We watched a few too many episodes of our show, and just when I thought we'd be heading to bed, Jordan said he wanted to watch some of the BYU Basketball game that STARTED at 11:45.

It was a LONG day. And there you go! A small peak into our life at this moment.

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