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More Halloween


I can't finish talking about Halloween yet, because I need to share a few more photos. A couple of days before Halloween we spent the evening carving our pumpkins. Some of our neighbors brought us these pumpkins and I just thought that was the nicest thing! (Because we didn't make it to a pumpkin patch or anything this year.) We had so much fun carving these pumpkins. Reagan was pretty into it this year, much more than last year and after we finished and everyone was in bed, I told Jordan that I had one of the best evenings I've had in a long time. Life is pretty good these days.

Oh I almost forget to talk about how we went to City Creek on Friday afternoon to go trick or treating at Jordan's Dad's office and Reagan locked herself in our car with the keys in it. We were parked right by the escalator and millions of people kept walking by laughing at us, while we pounded on the windows trying to get Reagan to unlock the car. It was a fruitless endeavor. At one point she found some red nail polish (I know...why did I have that in the car) and she can and has opened nail polish before so we were both really worried she was going to spill that all over the car. Thankfully she put it back where she found it when we both started screaming "STOP! NOOOOOO!" Finally, after about 45 infuriatingly stressful minutes she popped the trunk. Jordan climbed in and tried to get the back seats to fold down (even though we have two carseats in the backseat). He wedged himself into the car and unlocked Reagan's door. (He couldn't open Reagan's door because it was child locked.) (P.S. I'm so glad Jordan was with me when this happened.) With the door unlocked, I opened it from the outside. We're both pretty sure that we lost a few years off our life from the stress in this situation.

Friday night we went to Jordan's parents' Trunk or Treat. It was really fun. By the end of the night Reagan had the whole Trick or Treat/Thank You routine down pretty good and she made out with a large haul of candy. And then Saturday night we went and did a little loop around our neighborhood.

Reagan insisted on wearing her Princess shoes around the neighborhood. It didn't seem to bother her that they fell off every 4 sidewalk squares and we were constantly having to stop and put them back on her feet. Jordan kindly reminded me that it was all about Reagan having fun, so I had to get over my impatience at Cinderella repeatedly loosing her slipper. It's shocking at how much more I can like a holiday when I'm not pregnant and sick (like last year...hated Halloween last year). This year was such a good Halloween! 


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