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Naomi | 6 Months


Happy half birthday to little Nomes! I think she is truly such a beautiful baby. Her smile can light up a room, or make me happy when I am sad. She is a rolling machine. She is at the silly stage where she can't crawl yet but somehow if I set her down in the middle of the floor and then come back 1 minute later she's in a completely different spot and she's wedged herself into the craziest spot (like the picture below where she's stuck between the diaper genie and the dresser).

She's so close to sitting up all by herself. She just needs to work on the balance/top heavy-ness. If we lay her down, 90% of the time she starts doing a crunch to try and sit herself up or see more of what's going on.

She doesn't quite nap as well as I remember Reagan napping, and I'm positive this is all Reagan's fault. Reagan is always waking her up prematurely (#drivesmecrazy! #secondchildprobs), but generally she wakes up with a huge smile on her face and acts just so happy to see me. And if her smile isn't worth 1 million bucks, I don't know what is.  My mom said that Naomi smiles with her eyes and I think that's totally true. ^^I'm pretty sure her eyes are 100% glimmering in the picture above.^^

She loves people. If she's fussing usually just someone saying hi to her will cheer her right up.

We haven't started on the baby food yet, but we will be starting fruit soon (as soon as I go buy some). She has had some rice cereal occasionally. The first time we gave it to her she LOVED it. Last night however was a different story. Also, she doesn't have any teeth yet.

I can't believe she's been in our family for half a year! I thought time was going fast with Reagan, but this is supersonic compared to that. I love this sweet baby!

And just for fun...6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 months old.


  1. Oh she is sweet!!! LOVED the snap of her eating that puff, hilarious! haha

  2. She really is such a classically gorgeous baby. And those eyes!


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