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The Princess Shoe Haiku


Oh blue princess shoe,
What would I do without you?
Clink, Clack, Click, Clack, Clink

They fall off my feet.
Why don't they have a heel strap?
A big design flaw.

Morning, noon, and night
Wear them every single day
with a dress or not.

Running all around,
Sometimes they are slippery
On the floors I fall!

Shoes so beautiful.
The perfect accessory
An instant princess.

I love princesses
and also dressing like one
Big sparkly dress

I want to meet them
Cinderella, and Punzel,
Belle and Ariel

I dream about them,
Watch movies and sing songs too.
Happy princess day!

Today's the big day! We've been counting down and talking about it for weeks! Disney On Ice opens tonight in Salt Lake and Reagan is ecstatic. In fact she is currently wearing a princess dress (and wont take it off). On Halloween I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures by the house Reagan now refers to as "Rellas Castle," and let me just tell you how excited she was to be so close. And I'm being 100% honest here, when I say that her shoe HONESTLY fell off on the stairs and she reached down to pick it up like that all on her own. It was a magical photography moment.

If you have some Disney Princess fans at your house, you probably don't want to miss this show. They're here all weekend. And don't forget about special discount offer. Use Smith’s Tix Code: MOM for $5 off $26 and $20 tickets, limit 8 per order, valid online only with code, good through showtime, additional fees may apply.

This post was created in partnership with Feld Entertainment. All photos and haikus are mine alone.


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