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Christmas 2015


We had a great Christmas. It was everything Christmas should be. We went ice skating on Christmas Eve and had so much fun. Reagan had been talking a lot about ice skating recently. I think it was due to a combination of watching Disney On Ice and the ice skating Daniel Tiger episode. We were expecting her to be pretty bad at it, and she wasn't great, but she actually surprised us all and with a little help was pretty good. She had a few laps where she went almost all the way around just holding Jordan's hand. She really liked trying to run. She'd say, "I'm racing!" My family came too. Dylan and Logan skated with us while my parents watched Naomi.

We spend Christmas Eve at Jordan's parent's house. We had a delicious lasagna dinner with Italian Sodas. After dinner we played some games and enjoyed some time all together. Jordan's dad had all of the boys go around and tell about a Christmas memory from their mission. We all got some Christmas jammies. Reagan's had Minnie Mouse, which she LOVED. The girls both fell asleep on the drive home, so when we got home we carried them up to their beds. We didn't go to bed until a bit later. We had some special work to do ;) and when we woke up in the morning it appeared like Santa had paid a visit to our house!

Christmas morning started much earlier than usual this year. Naomi was up at 5 and Reagan was awake at 6:30. I tried to put Reagan back to bed, but she just laid in her bed saying, "Mom! I'm awake!" so after a few minutes of that we just decided to let Christmas begin! Reagan was really funny when she got to the living room. She was so overwhelmed by everything that when she saw one of Naomi's blankets on the floor she said, "OH! Look! Nomi's blanket!" It was hilarious. We had to direct her to her kitchen, the big gift this Christmas.

We headed down to Annett's at about 1 for Christmas brunch/lunch, where we pretty much had Christmas #2. We headed back to our house at 4:30, and then Jordan's family came over around 5:30, for Christmas #3. It was great to be able to see all of the people we love on Christmas.

I'll leave you with the following pictures of the cutest little Santa baby around. I love this little girl.

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  1. Oh I love it! Such a fun Christmas! I hope your family has a vert Happy New Year! :)


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