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Naomi | 7 Months


This lovely lady turned 7 months old last week. She is still the very best baby of all time. She is a professional sitter now, and prefers to be upright rather than laying down. She is getting mush more consistent at napping which is really nice. She generally takes a really great morning and afternoon nap (and then sometimes a few other naps if she seems tired).

She has finally started eating baby food. She is definitely a 2nd child. With Reagan we were very gung ho about baby food and started her right at 4 months. With Naomi we waited the until the very last minute. It's recommended that you start between 4-7 months. So far she likes everything we've tried.

This last month my milk also started drying up. With Reagan I killed myself trying to get my milk to come back and it never did, so this time around I decided to just let it go, and save myself some stress. That part of it was really nice, however the side effects for Naomi weren't so great. She didn't respond to the formula very well which resulted in... TMI...Naomi not pooping for a week! Yikes! It was a big mess, which caused me to have my craziest day of motherhood so far (I'll spare you the details, but believe me when I say it wasn't pretty!). But I'm happy to say that all is well now, and things seem to have returned to their regular state.

So since we have started feeding formula, that also means she's been eating exclusively from a bottle. She's been great at it since day one. No trouble there. And in fact this magic baby can already hold her own bottle, which is SO nice!

She's still just as cute as ever. Enjoy!


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