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Monster Jam


If you know me at all you know I love trying new things, having new experiences, going to new places or restaurants, etc... Well last night was definitely a first for us. We went to Monster Jam! I knew going in to it what the show was going to consist of, the various vehicles and events, but one thing I was SORELY unprepared for was the noise. Even now, I'm still shocked at how dang loud it was. Holy COW! It was mind numbingly loud. We had brought some head phones for Reagan but we thought we'd be fine. Wrong. We ended up buying some earplugs at the stadium for us because I'm not sure we would have survived without them. The noise definitely contributed to the atmosphere. It was full of energy and excitement, and I do have to say it was pretty awesome when those things would jump, flip, and crash. I think my favorite event of the night was the wheelie contest. Those trucks are crazy!

^^Those poor cars ended up completely CRUSHED! At one point I forgot that those were full sized cars. Like regular cars. Those monster trucks would drive over them like they were just a small bump in the road!

We asked Reagan what she thought about everything and she said that she saw a green truck and that the trucks went "Vrooooom!" We had a great time! I'm not even a car/ATV/dirt bike/monster truck loving person and I still thought it was awesome!! Monster Jam has two more shows this weekend in Utah. You can get discount tickets online using Smith’s Tix Code: BLOG for $5 off. Offer valid for $20 and $25 tickets only, limit 8 per order, valid online only with code, good through showtime, additional fees may apply.

This post was created in partnership with Feld Entertainment. All photos and opinions are mine.


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