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Naomi | 8 Months


Wow this has taken me FOREVER to get around to. I thought I liked this idea of holding Naomi for these monthly pictures but what I didn't think about was how in the winter months Jordan is never home during the daylight hours so we have to take these pictures on the weekends, and our weekends always seem to fill up and we never get around to it.

Naomi is still a super cute little babe. Charming and sweet. She chows on baby food these days and REALLY loves to feed herself. She likes the little puffs, but also likes to feed herself little bites of banana, avocado, orange, and raspberries. There has yet to be a kind of baby food she hasn't liked. She likes to fall asleep with a bottle will still take the binky but doesn't love it. Rolls and rolls all over the place and has started to lift her chest off the ground. I know crawling is right around the corner. She's a go getter like her big sister. She knows what she wants and must have it. If she sees a toy that she could possibly play with she will find a way to get it. This is in part due to the fact that she has an incredible reach. She is getting so big!

And just because I had such a hard time choosing Naomi's picture this month, I thought I'd include some of the runnersup...

The monthly progression:

And of course Reagan felt left out so she needed some pictures too....


  1. Oh my goodness...I literally laughed out loud when I saw the ending here with Reagan...what two super cute and fun girls!

  2. haha Reagan, that's hilarious. They are just too cute!


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