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Perfection in the form of Arizona in January


My family was heading down to Arizona last weekend and at the very last minute (the day before) I decided to join them! And I'm so glad I did. I loaded the girls up in our van and we hit the road. Us Coloradans/Utahans were loving the 50° weather and lack of snow, while our Arizona family was shivering while sitting by the fireplace with blankets! We drove down via Flagstaff, and the roads were awful! (Remember this drive home? It was like that.) But our time there was great and the drive home was MUCH better (we drove home through Las Vegas).

We were only there for a really quick weekend, but we were sure to pack in some fun. We had some tasty food, Ruby's and Benihana, as well as a delicious dinner Pam cooked for us on Saturday night (flank steak, baked potatoes, frog eye salad and orange rolls. YUM!).  Friday afternoon we went and picked a million lemons. And as someone who has never lived somewhere where citrus fruit can grow, I thought it was fun. We also stayed up way past our bedtimes playing games Friday and Saturday night. (We played Psych and a new version of one of our favorite games, the bowl game.) My mom and I took a nice long walk Saturday morning, to bask in the spring-like weather, and we also did a little bit of shopping. Perfect weekend for sure.

^^The lemon loot and my tired, tired daughter one night at dinner.

^^I had to include these pictures of Naomi, because she loved the rice at Benihana, and she was smiling. My mom says Naomi's never smiling in any of my pictures.

^^These pictures are so funny to me. They demonstrate how demanding Reagan can be at times. She was so mad that Max wasn't wearing any shoes and she wanted either Dylan or Logan to share their shoes with Max.

We had to stop at the New York New York on our way through Vegas to grab some lunch at Shake Shack! I love Shake Shack and I was hating the thought that there was one within 500 miles of my house and I had yet to go.

^^There was an Olof dancing outside and Reagan could not take her eyes off him. She was enamored.

^^We couldn't resist a picture by the "Brooklyn Bridge" to compare with this picture on the real thing from our trip to NYC a few years ago.

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  1. oh my, Reagan yelling at them is hilarious! I have an AMAZING lemon cake/cupcake recipe if you want it - I only make it with fresh lemons and it is just to die for. Now I'm craving it! That's awesome!


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