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Just a few random pictures for you today... These first few are so perfect. Reagan loves little figurines these days. Any kind of little person. Some of her favorites include, Mickey and Minnie from her lego set, Elsa and Rapunzel, Cinderella and then these 2 little wooden ones she got in a little dollhouse for Christmas. She could play for hours with these little toys. She usually makes one a mom and one a dad and then they play, walk around, go grocery shopping...etc. She really likes getting them washcloth blankets and saying that they're napping. Plus she also loves bandaids. These pictures have both of her favorites.

Naomi has reached that fun stage where she likes to play with her toes. I laid her down for a diaper change the other day and she immediately started playing with her toes so I ran to grab the camera.

After what felt like an eternity of sicknesses and stomach troubles for our two girls, we had about a week of health and then last Sunday Reagan woke up with a raspy voice was totally sick: runny noses, and coughing. Even though she wasn't totally feeling herself, she still wanted to wear her Cinderella dress, a few bows and carry around her purse. And because she wasn't feeling herself I even let her go to Target like this. Thankfully, we're all better now.

We're getting excited about a few fun things coming up.

This week we're going to go visit the new Provo City Center Temple. I'm excited to take Reagan through the Open House. I hope she can stay calm and enjoy the beauty and Spirit that can be found inside the temple.

And on Wednesday we're going to Frozen on Ice! Frozen on Ice will be here in Utah from March 2-6. The show is almost sold out so make sure you get your tickets soon! I know my little Frozen Fanatic keeps telling me how excited she is to see Kristoff and Olaf. Haha! (Not Anna and Elsa, but Kristoff and Olaf...)

We're also getting ready for our annual trip to Arizona for Spring Training. Bring on the baseball, sunshine, and fun!

I think sometimes anticipation is just as good as the actual thing. I love having things to look forward to.

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  1. Arizona + spring training sounds like a perfect getaway for this time of year. Love your cute girls :)


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