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Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day was wonderful. Dylan came up and stayed with our girls while we had a little getaway. We had a Red Robin gift card so we went there for dinner. We had planned on seeing a movie after that but since there was nothing exciting playing at the regular theater we opted for Hunger Games at the dollar theater. We had some time to kill before the movie so we wandered around Fashion Place. We used a hotel voucher we had purchased last year and saved for Valentine's Day which included breakfast in the morning. And we actually slept in! Even Jordan! (He never sleeps in... so that probably tells you how sleep deprived we are these days!)

In the morning, after breakfast, we went to Ruby Snap to grab some cookies for Reagan and our awesome babysitter. That place is the bomb! I'm already thinking I need to go back. Right when we walked in they asked us if we had ever been before and after saying that this was our first time they said, "We LOVE giving samples!" I think we sampled about 5 cookies worth before we purchased our 4 cookies. Audrey was my absolute favorite, followed by Maris. SO delicious! We also got one of the February specials, Scarlet, and a Suzie.

On Thursday night Jordan came home from work with these beautiful flowers for me. It is one of the prettiest bouquets he has even gotten me. (P.S. He's truly the best. He gets me flowers for just about every Valentine's Day, Anniversary, and occasionally birthday.)

And then just because I know it's all got to come down soon, I wanted to include a few pictures of this little Valentine's Day mantle. I was pretty proud of that chalk board art.

Sunday night we had Dylan and Bailey over for dinner and afterward we played the BIGGEST game of Psych ever known to mankind. It was a 2 state, 4 separate location game which included 16 people! It was so fun! 

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  1. I don't know what psych is but sounds fun! We unfortunately weren't able to do much sleeping in on our getaway but so glad you did! Best part of no kids! And those cookies look amazing!


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