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Easter 2016

Easter came so early this year, I'm shocked that it's already over. We did a few fun Easter things this year. The first being a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. Our friends live in a great little cul de sac and had the egg hunt on all 6 of the front yards on their street. It was perfect. Reagan wasn't too fond of standing around waiting for it to start but once it got going she did great and definitely enjoyed the candy and treats.

^The face I got when I asked her to smile...^

On Saturday we also dyed easter eggs. Sunday before church we gave the girls their Easter baskets. We had a wonderful Easter program at church. They had all of the High School Seniors read scriptures interspersed with choir numbers. It was beautiful. We went to lunch at my family's house, where my mom had some cute Easter baskets for the girls complete with bunny headbands, which they loved. And then we had dinner at Jordan's parents house where we had a little Easter egg hunt for Reagan. Since she was the only participant at that hunt, I'd say she fared quite well.

Everything you need to know about road tripping with kids

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Everything you need to know about road tripping with kids

I've mentioned this before, we are road trip people. We are not opposed to loading everyone and everything in the car and heading out for a long drive. So far this year we've already done two 11 hour (each way!) road trips...and it's only March. Because I'm a researcher, I scoured the internet for tips on this topic and I'd love to share a few resources that I found especially helpful. And of course because we like road trips and because we've done quite a few I also have some tips of my own at the bottom!

How to prepare/What to pack:
Road Tripping with Baby: Tips for an Enjoyable Ride (I agree with the tip on here about fostering familiarity)
How to Survive Road Trips with Babies and Toddlers (Plan a shoe spot in the car)
Road Trippin' It With a Baby: Tips and Tricks (Think about switching spots with your spouse if you need too)
Weekend Road Trip Essentials (Bag of bags, great idea!)
6 Tips for Road-Tripping It With a Baby (To save space, call ahead to see if there is already a pack'n'play at your destination)
Essentials to Survive Your Next Long Road Trip with Baby (could almost use as a packing list)
Lastly, not specifically for road trips but I love this idea with zippered bags

Road trip entertainment:
25 Drivetastic Busy Bag Ideas for Road Trips (I had never really heard of a busy bag, but I like them!)
10 Tried & True Ways to Entertain a Toddler in the Car (These are AMAZING entertainment ideas especially the wallet one!)
40+ Tips for Road Trips with Toddlers & Preschoolers (Love all of these tips but especially the road trip art projects)
11 Great Games to Play on a Road Trip (Great resource, some of these sound really fun!)

Road trip snacks and food:
44 healthy road trip snack ideas (separated into fruits and veggies, protein, sweet treats, and drinks)
Vacation food prep (LOVE these, I get SO tired of fast food)
Tackle box snacks #9 (not for toddlers, BIG MESS, but for older kids and I would even love this)

How to survive the ride:
How to Survive a Road Trip with Toddlers (I agree with this smart woman! Bring on all the electronics!)
3 Tips for Organized Travel (Sticky Note time tabs, genius idea for the "Are we there yet?" kids)
20 best ideas, activities, and resources for road trips with kids (#11 Great idea for avoiding messes)
Not necessarily for kids but some fun road trip hacks

Everything you need to know about road tripping with kids Everything you need to know about road tripping with kids Everything you need to know about road tripping with kids

My tips for road tripping with kids:
1. Within an hour of bedtime we try to stop and put jammies on the girls. We also try to mimic our bedtime routine the best we can. Sleeping children makes the car ride MUCH more pleasant (obviously!).

2. Skip the drive-thru. Stop for at least 1 meal (either pack a lunch/dinner or stop at a fast casual place) and let the kids get out for 15-20 minutes. Change their diapers and let them stretch their legs. You can wiggle around in your chair and get comfy but they really can't.

3. If you're reading this, you probably already have kids and know that everything in life with children takes longer than usual. It is obviously the same with a road trip. It's almost like you can add 5 minutes (maybe 5 minutes per kid) per hour of your trip.

4. I like to pack separate bags for each girl. (These are my favorite bags. I bought them at IKEA but I'm not sure if they're still available there). This helps us find what we need when we need it. If Naomi has a blow out, I can quickly grab her a new outfit. When it's time for jammies, we can quickly grab them without any digging or frustration.

5. If you're tight on space this tip isn't for you. We usually have lots of extra room though so I like to leave a spot empty in the back for changing diapers (in the third row in our van we can lay down just one single seat, while leaving up the other two. It creates the perfect little changing table). The bathrooms aren't usually very clean at those rest stop/gas stations so I don't even like to think about how nasty those changing tables probably are. I usually try to change them in the car when we stop for gas, or we can stop in the middle of nowhere and change them without any problems.

6. This one goes with the last tip. In the back of our van there's a little pocket (see picture above) that I always keep extra diapers and wipes in. They're very accessible and convenient. I also make sure to have some of these bags in there, just in case there isn't a trash can available.

7. And while we're on the topic of diapers, it's worth noting that there are good road trip diapers and there are bad road trip diapers. Some diapers just aren't very absorbent. We always trust Huggies Snug & Dry and know that they will get the job done on those long car rides. Huggies Snug & Dry diapers offer up to 12 hours of protection and dryness.

8. Some people don't like to do it this way, but we like to bring a whole sleeve of diapers for each girl on our trips. It's usually a bit more than we need but I don't want worry about buying new diapers while I'm on my vacation. I like to make sure I'm getting a good deal on diapers and if I buy them at Sam's Club I know I am. I am a huge Sam's Club shopper and diapers are one of the things I love to buy there. Members save over $10 on Huggies Snug & Dry diapers! (P.S. There's a $7 Ibotta coupon for Snug & Dry diapers right now).

Everything you need to know about road tripping with kids

9. There are a few other tips that are worth noting very quickly (I'm sure you've seen these on other blogs or thought of them your self!):
-time your drive so the kids can sleep
-bring extras of everything
-bring a few new toys or movies that will be exciting
-make sure you have snacks and wipes

10. And lastly, lots of these airplane tips are applicable for car trips too. Personally, I think road trips are much less stressful than plane rides with kids because if you forget something while traveling you can most likely stop and buy it (unlike flying) and there are way less strangers all around who are grumpy about the noise your children are making. So even though drives are usually longer than flights, sometimes it's better to not be stressed.

Are you guys road trippers too? What are your best tips? Are there any that I have missed? I'd love to hear them!

Appeasing Nostalgia


In the spirit of Holy Week and to appease my nostalgia I thought I'd share some Jerusalem pictures today. Every January that rolls around I miss this city more and more and I can't help but re-read my Jerusalem blog posts. At the time that I lived at the BYU Jerusalem Center the internet didn't allow uploading pictures to my blog. If I wanted to add pictures I had to go next door to Hebrew University, which I couldn't do everyday. So my blog posts were often lacking pictures. I've slowly been going back to add picture. Here are a few blog posts that have had pictures added:

First Free Day
Western Wall and the Garden Tomb
Elias Feinzilberg
My Room
Hezekiah's Tunnel
Russian Otthodox Church, Hinnom Valley, St. Peter in Gallicantu, Biblical Reserve
Dead Sea


5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization

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5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization #SnuggleUpMoments #CollectiveBias #shop

I have hated our laundry room since the day we moved into our house. It's cramped and has lots of weird little nooks and crannies. It also houses our furnace, hot water heater, and water softener. I didn't like going in there which made the chore of laundry even more undesirable. Last weekend we set out to fix some of these problems. We did some organizing and cleaning in this silly little room. We built some shelves and I put some pictures on the wall. I like it so much better now! The room has been completely transformed. I want to share with you 5 tips to have a more organized laundry room. But first... here are the before pictures (I'm almost too embarrassed to share these...):

5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization 5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization

There was stuff everywhere, no storage of any kind. The top of our dryer was always a disaster. And did you see that weird little nook? Seriously? Who ever designed the layout of this laundry room was not in their right mind.

Now take a look at the after:

5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization

So much better! I actually WANT to go do laundry for my little family. I can't wait to wash those little onesies. And now, here are my 5 tips for a more organized laundry room.

1. Shelves or cabinets for storage - You need a place to store the fabric softener, or the spot treatment spray, or the dryer sheets. Without a shelf or cabinet your laundry room will be a mess. (See ^^ before pictures for further proof).

5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization

2. Baskets or bins for laundry items - Instead of storing the bleach and random spray bottle on the window sill I think a basket really helped to clean up the room. A place for everything with everything in it's place.

5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization

3. Extra laundry baskets - I was always tripping on the baskets when they were on the floor because our laundry room is so cramped. Now we can store a basket on the top shelf when it's not in use and as a plus I always have one ready when it's time to empty the dryer.

5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization

4. Clean floors and surfaces - How could I clean my clothes in a room that was dirty? Occasionally when I would transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer, I would drop a thing or two. I couldn't justifiably pick it up off the dirty, linty floor and put it in the dryer. And when the top of the dryer was cluttered it really made emptying the lint trap difficult.

5. Trash can - You've got to have a place to quickly dispose of that lint. (And checkout how nicely that trashcan fits in that weird nook!)

And as a bonus, I taped some pictures up on the wall. I love catching a quick glimpse of my babies while I'm throwing their dirty close into the washer.

5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization

The Rules of Laundry print is from here and the clothes pin print is from here.

5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization

I recently started using Snuggle® fabric conditioner. I bought some at Sam's Club (on sale this month!) and have been using it on all of our clothes (while following the directions on the product). I think using laundry conditioner is just a little something extra I can do to show my family that I love them. With clothes that stay fresher longer and feel softer, the more Snuggle-up moments I get with those sweet people I love. I have even been using both the blue iris bliss Snuggle Scent Boosters® with Blue Sparkle fabric conditioner for the ultimate snuggable scent!

Are you a Snuggle lover looking for more opportunities to interact with the brand? Join the Snuggle Bear Den – it’s FREE! Sign up, complete missions, share your opinions and be rewarded. Explore the site and update your profile so you can begin your first mission.

How do you keep your Laundry Room organized? I'd love to hear your tips below! Do you use fabric conditioner or scent boosters in your laundry? 



Naomi tried out our backyard swing this weekend and was pretty pleased at how fun it was. There was one point where Reagan was standing in front of the swing and every time Naomi would swing towards her they would both start to laugh. And then it happened again and again, approximately every 3 seconds, when she'd come back towards her. Each time laughing louder and louder. It was the best.

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