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5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization

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5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization #SnuggleUpMoments #CollectiveBias #shop

I have hated our laundry room since the day we moved into our house. It's cramped and has lots of weird little nooks and crannies. It also houses our furnace, hot water heater, and water softener. I didn't like going in there which made the chore of laundry even more undesirable. Last weekend we set out to fix some of these problems. We did some organizing and cleaning in this silly little room. We built some shelves and I put some pictures on the wall. I like it so much better now! The room has been completely transformed. I want to share with you 5 tips to have a more organized laundry room. But first... here are the before pictures (I'm almost too embarrassed to share these...):

5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization 5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization

There was stuff everywhere, no storage of any kind. The top of our dryer was always a disaster. And did you see that weird little nook? Seriously? Who ever designed the layout of this laundry room was not in their right mind.

Now take a look at the after:

5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization

So much better! I actually WANT to go do laundry for my little family. I can't wait to wash those little onesies. And now, here are my 5 tips for a more organized laundry room.

1. Shelves or cabinets for storage - You need a place to store the fabric softener, or the spot treatment spray, or the dryer sheets. Without a shelf or cabinet your laundry room will be a mess. (See ^^ before pictures for further proof).

5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization

2. Baskets or bins for laundry items - Instead of storing the bleach and random spray bottle on the window sill I think a basket really helped to clean up the room. A place for everything with everything in it's place.

5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization

3. Extra laundry baskets - I was always tripping on the baskets when they were on the floor because our laundry room is so cramped. Now we can store a basket on the top shelf when it's not in use and as a plus I always have one ready when it's time to empty the dryer.

5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization

4. Clean floors and surfaces - How could I clean my clothes in a room that was dirty? Occasionally when I would transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer, I would drop a thing or two. I couldn't justifiably pick it up off the dirty, linty floor and put it in the dryer. And when the top of the dryer was cluttered it really made emptying the lint trap difficult.

5. Trash can - You've got to have a place to quickly dispose of that lint. (And checkout how nicely that trashcan fits in that weird nook!)

And as a bonus, I taped some pictures up on the wall. I love catching a quick glimpse of my babies while I'm throwing their dirty close into the washer.

5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization

The Rules of Laundry print is from here and the clothes pin print is from here.

5 Tips for Laundry Room Organization

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How do you keep your Laundry Room organized? I'd love to hear your tips below! Do you use fabric conditioner or scent boosters in your laundry? 

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  1. I love the kitschy-ness of the washi taped photos and cutouts! It looks like you really transformed the wash room and made it much more functional! #client


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