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Frozen On Ice


Armed with her Frozen 'kirt (skirt), Elsa braid, and crown we were ready for Frozen on Ice on Wednesday night. We got to attend the Meet and Greet before the show which Reagan TOTALLY loved. Anna and Else said they had just gotten there straight from Arendelle and asked Reagan if she'd like a warm hug. After our picture Reagan just wanted to stand and watch them and when Anna and Elsa had to leave Reagan tried to follow them. The show was amazing (as have been all of the Feld shows we've been to). I told Jordan before the show started that I was excited to see how they would present Elsa's ice powers and how they would do the trolls. They seriously did better than I thought they would. And it even snowed! A lot! A few pictures from our night below:

This post was created in partnership with Feld Entertainment. But all photos and opinions are mine alone.

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  1. Looks SO fun!! and looks like Naomi was just the best baby ever too!


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