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Ruby Snap


Yesterday morning I was in a particularly crummy mood. I decided it wasn't something that Chick-fil-a and cookies couldn't fix. So we loaded up in the van and set out to accomplish our rough itinerary. Jordan and I went to Ruby Snap a little while ago and I've been dreaming of those cookies ever since. Especially the Audrey. That thing is the most delicious cookie ever! We went to lunch and then headed down to Ruby Snap for our sugar fix. After we grabbed our cookies we visited Jordan at work and then both of the girls fell asleep in the car on the way home (and then transferred to their beds). And I have to say that the crummy mood disappeared and that my day picked right back up.

If you're in Utah you need Ruby Snap in your life. Try and get over there as soon as you can. (Or do you have a different cookie place I need to try? I'm trying to become a cookie aficionado. Help me out.)


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