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Cherry Blossoms at the Utah State Capitol


Naomi has had a fever for the past few days and wouldn't let me set her down at all this morning. When she finally started to perk up around noon I knew that was our signal to leave the house. I had seen a few people post pictures of the blossoms at the capitol and it was like something inside of me NEEDED to get over there and see them myself. Plus I knew a bit of fresh air would be good for all of us. We had a great little adventure. Reagan wasn't too excited at first but when we made it our goal to sit on each and every bench on our way around she decided that she loved it. Such a gorgeous day with the most gorgeous trees.

P.S. Right before we left the house Naomi pooped (my children like to do this after I already have their socks and shoes on) and while I was changing her diaper Reagan found the Baby Vicks and rubbed it all over our leather chair and on her face and hair, hence her greasy hair in these pictures. And while we're on the topic of Reagan's hair, she will not let me touch it. No bows, or ponytails or anything. I hope this phase ends soon!

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  1. Those pictures are amazing! I especially love the one of the capital building through the trees, what lens did you use? Ava rips her hair ties out within minutes of me doing anything as well, it's impossible!


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