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Landan and Stephanie's Wedding


We've spent the last few days wedding-ing. Landan got married yesterday to beautiful Stephanie in the Draper Temple. I've heard people say that it's fun to watch your siblings fall in love and now I can agree. It's been fun to watch Landan and Stephanie go through the dating and then engagement process and then yesterday to watch them get married.  It's fun to watch people be happy. I was telling Jordan this morning that Landan and Stephanie honestly seem like a match made in heaven. They seem to be perfect compliments for each other. I'm so happy for them and this new adventure they've begun.

They had a dinner and reception on Thursday night with lots of Sorensen family and friends and then another reception Friday night after the sealing that morning with lots of Stephanie's family and friends.

This next picture is almost too much to handle. WAY tooooooo much cuteness for one photo. All of those cute "dot dresses" as Reagan calls them and those flower crowns.... Swoon! (And I just have to add that trying to get that picture was crazy town!) Landan went from 2 nieces to 9 (and added a few nephews too) and Reagan and Naomi went from 0 aunts to 1!

^^This cake! WOW! Sooooo pretty.

I knew that Landan and Stephanie didn't have a videographer so I tried to capture lots of moments on video this weekend. I'm far from a professional but I hope they will enjoy having a few little clips to remember their special day.

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  1. Your video is awesome!! Seems like you have such a sweet sister in law, what a beautiful day!


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