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I couldn't stay away from those Blossoms a few weeks ago. I had to go twice in one week. The second time we went and met Jessica and her girls for a picnic. Despite Naomi spilling Jessica's Diet Coke all over her pants we had a great time!

^^Pretty accurate description of my life. Reagan could careless and Naomi just wants to crawl around.

Last weekend we went to Nixon's birthday party, where there happened to be 11 kids in attendance. It's crazy how fast the number of kids jumps when everyone has 2 (or 3) kids. Naomi was so fussy that night, and did not like these pictures. She was soooo over it.

Last weekend we also went to the temple with Stephanie as she received her endowments. We're getting ready and excited for Landan and Stephanie's wedding!

^^Everyone in the world has been saying that Stephanie and I look alike, but Martha, Jordan, and I aren't quite sure we see the amazing resemblance everyone is talking about.

I don't have anything particularly interesting to say about these pictures except that they are very much "right now." Naomi loves playing in Reagan's room more than anywhere else. And Reagan loves all things princess. Wands, dresses (note the skirt under the dress), and things that are pink. She also is quite fond of her sister (and still doesn't know how to touch her softly).


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