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Naomi | 11 Months


One more month of updates for this little lady. I can't believe she's going to be 1 soon! (MAJOR crying eyes emoji) She is a cuddly little happy girl. She crawls everywhere, more than I remember Reagan crawling. She pulls herself up on everything and especially likes holding on to the bars on her crib or on our railing and bouncing up and down. She also really likes bouncing on our hips. She HATES being thrown in the air (or even lifted up in the air). If I can hold out until 11, she will take a killer nap, like 3-3.5 hours). She hates getting her diapers changed and will squirm all over the place to try and get out of it. This last month she learned how to clap and it's just about the cutest thing. Naomi was sick a few days this month, which was really hard. I felt to sad for her. She had 2 days where the only time she would fall asleep is if I was rocking her and she wouldn't let me set her down at all the rest of the day. Thankfully it was Dylan and Logan's Spring Break so Logan could come up and help me with Reagan.

Here's a little peak at her monthly progression:


  1. She is so grown up! And seriously darling. I love her smile!

  2. She really is so sweet, those sick days sure are hard. glad she's all better!


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