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A few thoughts


I have an assorted collection of thoughts for you on this Friday.

-We've been getting ready for our big trip over here. Only a few days until we leave. Eeeeep! I'm somewhere between excited/eager and anxious/nervous. I'm excited to see the places I've been dreaming about for years but I'm anxious that we'll skip something awesome due to some oversight in my planning and research. I'm also nervous about leaving the girls for so long. I mean, I'm super excited about some alone time with Jordan but I can't help but worry about whether or not the girls will even know who I am when I get back. It's a bit extreme I know (but isn't that what most worries are...)

-My mom bought me a ukulele while we were in Hawaii last year and after letting it sit in my closet for a few months I decided it was finally time to learn how to play it.  I've been taking a ukulele class at our local high school and it has been awesome. I've learned so much and I can actually play a few songs. It's been fun to learn something new. It's sadly been awhile since I've tried to learn a new skill, so this has been exciting. And as an added bonus, the girls love when I play the ukulele. They don't even mind my lack of skill or slow, slow speed. Right now my favorite song to play is Hotel California.

-I was rear-ended a few weeks ago after helping set up Landan and Stephanie's reception. It was about 10pm and I was stopped at a red light when the car behind me tapped my bumper. Thankfully it was just a little tap and neither car ended up with any damage. I had never been rear-ended before and I have to say the sound of a car hitting yours is a bit terrifying. The craziest part about it was that it happened only 1 block away from Jordan's accident last fall. We're thinking we probably need to find a new route and avoid that street from now on.

-I still can't believe Naomi is one. We had a great time celebrating her birthday and I always love reminiscing about the days our babies were born (Reagan's birth story here and Naomi's here). I'm still glad I have such sweet pictures to remember those days. I was thinking the other day that for the next few weeks I will have a 1 year old and a 2 year old. And if that's not crazy I'm not sure what is.

-Speaking of Naomi turning 1, one milestone that accompanies that is the transition from formula to cow's milk. Oh how I love this transition! I'm happy to not measure and scoop out the formula anymore (with the inevitable spillage that accumulates on my counter after making a bottle) and of course I'm ecstatic about the $100 we're saving every month. That $100 plus the money we are now saving from Reagan diapers, almost makes it feel like Jordan got a raise!

-There are a few things making me happy at the moment which can be viewed in the above picture. 1. My turquoise door which my mom painted for me in October 2. My flower pots by my front door and 3. Our newly re-done stairs, which I will post about on a later date, but here's a little sneak peak.

-(Don't read this if you don't want to hear about my children's current bathroom habits) Of course after posting this Reagan had to have an AWFUL week in the accident department. And to top it off, Naomi is teething and therefore has been having blowout diaper after blowout diaper. I don't know why but teething makes my kids have diarrhea. So to give you a little taste of the chaos Reagan has had 5+ accidents in 3 days (1 being a poop accident, which are so horrible to clean up) and Naomi has had 7 blowouts in 2 days (one being at 3am). I have a crazy long to-do list and instead of being productive this afternoon I got to take Reagan's car seat out of the car, disassemble it to be washed and scrub everything because she had her first accident in the car. Needless to say I AM READY FOR THE WEEKEND. So glad we finally made it.


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