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Naomi turns one!


I'm in major denial, like most parents are, watching my babies grow up. Naomi turned one yesterday and when I checked my email and saw the weekly Baby Center message I couldn't help but be mad at them when they called my BABY a toddler. Technically, I don't think she can be considered a toddler yet because she does not toddle so I would really like to keep thinking of her as my baby, because that is what she will forever be.

We had a little party for her last night. I was a bit sad because we were planning on having the party outside in our backyard but had to adapt our plans when it started hailing at about 4:00 and then proceeded to rain with thunder and lightning for the next 3 hours. It was sort of fitting though because that was the same weather we had one year ago, the night she was born.

We wanted to serve french fries because they are Naomi's favorite food (a girl after my own heart). So we made 4 different kinds: steak fries, shoestring, sweet potato waffle, and crinkle cut. We also make 5 kinds of fry sauce: regular fry sauce, garlic aioli, campfire, sriracha, and orange mango habanero. We also had grilled chicken, fruit and fruit dip that my mom brought and a salad from Martha. And of course mini cupcakes for dessert.

I was excited to watch Naomi eat her smash cake because Reagan was awesome on her first birthday, but Naomi's was totally anti-climactic. She wasn't into it at all. She just wanted out of her high chair the whole time, so after about a minute we let her get out and gave up hope of a super smash. It was her party, she can skip the cake if she wants to.

It was a fun night celebrating our girl. We love you Naomi! Thanks for being such a sweet baby. 

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  1. I love that you made different types of fries! That's such a fun idea.


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