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On our first stop in Pisa we didn't venture outside the airport or train station. On our second stop though after visiting Cinque Terre and on our way to Rome we decided to stop and see the Leaning Tower. We were only in Pisa for about an hour, but that truly was enough time for me. We took the LAM Red bus from Pisa Centrale Station to Piazza dei Miracoli. We checked out the tower and then had lunch before heading back to the train station. When we got to the Piazza dei Miracoli and saw the Leaning Tower for the first time Jordan started cracking up. He thought the whole thing was hilarious and I thought his laughing was hilarious. So we had quite a good time.

^^He was trying to lean like the tower...

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  1. You captured it so well! I can see how he'd think it's funny! It isn't as big as I thought, I started cracking up reading about you guys cracking up :)


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