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Reagan Jane Turns 3


Yesterday was Reagan's 3rd birthday. For days and weeks we had been talking about when her birthday would be here. And I'm happy to report it finally arrived. We tried to make it a special day for her. We got her favorite "blue cookie" as a treat in the morning, went to Toys'r'us and bought a new toy and got a birthday crown, we went swimming for FHE, and then had Chick-fil-A (or Chicken Play as Reagan calls it) for dinner. All things we know Reagan loves. As a true three-year-old would have it though, the day was actually a little rough for all of us. Reagan threw the biggest tantrum of her entire life when it was time to leave the pool. I've never seen her so upset and inconsolable. It was so big she just might have locked in the amount of siblings she will ever have at 1. Jordan and I were talking about it last night after she went to bed and we think that her fit was so big because it was truly the most fun she's probably ever had (and could actually comprehend that it was more fun than anything else) and she really didn't want to leave.

She is our little fireball and never stops moving (until her head hits the pillow and then she doesn't budge until morning). We've really got our hands full with her. She is passionate about everything under the sun. If it's not her idea it isn't happening without a flight. I hope and pray with every fiber of my being that she puts that independence and drive towards the innate goodness she has and becomes the Wonder Woman she is already on her way to becoming. She has a sweet heart and says the best things, like Sunday when she said, "I'm loving morning time!" or "What a nice warm baby!" (while touching Naomi's head). Don't miss a few more notable Reagan quotes at the end of this post.

Sunday night we had a little family party for this girl out in the garden (Reagan calls our backyard the garden thanks to Peppa Pig). We had a little BBQ with burgers, brats, and hot dogs, chips, veggies and dip. And of course watermelon. For dessert we had a Scandinavian Almond Crown Cake, which was divine! Reagan also requested pink cake, so I made some pink cupcakes, which she called muffins the whole night. I think she liked them.

She got lots of fun presents including a water table, a balance bike, some stuffed horses (a pink one and a purple one which she requested for DAYS!), some Minnie Mouse and Aladdin figurines, bubbles, and chalk. I think it was a pretty good day for her!

I tried to take a quick group picture before people started leaving. Here are the best/funniest 3 we got. It was on a 10 second timer and like I mentioned Reagan never stops moving so it was really hard. I especially like the top one when Reagan came around to the font of the water table and ended up looking at all of us for the picture instead of actually being in it.

I love this girl who made me a mom 3 years ago. Happy birthday to my baby Reagan Jane!

A few other notable Reagan quotes:

That's what I'm talkin about. Owls. I love ducks. Owls. Alex. Owl.

How you doing good?

Mommy hold me a while.

Help you out my please daddy. (Trying to get out of Naomi's jumper)

While walking home from church, "Cool shoes mom."

I'm happy again! (Said quite frequently, at appropriate times, when she was previously sad)

This hat is amazing! (Wearing reindeer headband)

1, 2, buckle shoe. (Said in her sleep one night when Jordan checked on her before we went to bed)

Wearing only a diaper, she turns around and says, "see my bum?"

C: Do you need to go potty?
R: That's crazy mom.

At any store with Automatic doors "Please open doors," followed by "Thank you doors."

C: Naomi's ticklish!
R: Nomi tickle fish, Reagan tickle fish too

Nomi need timeout

Saw Christmas lights while driving and said "I saw Christmas! Did you see it?"

It's time for sock hands. (Stops walking, sits down and takes her socks off her feet and puts them on her hands)

Daddy is my favorite color.

This is womerful! (Talking about bubbles in the bath)

C:Reagan do you know what color your eyes are?
R: White

R: You give me candy?
C: No
R: I go find mommy birthday cake (opens fridge)

Thank you go to nursery today (said in her Sunday night prayer)

Let's go look at the ocean (pool). I get my swimming clothes? Oh I go nudie.

Oh my ballerina goodness!

Daddy get me more sugar.

Whatcha talkin bout Nomi baby?

You're a big helper too mom!

You sleep good dad. You sleep real good.

Your mom will come back Sursday (Thursday).

Brocori (broccoli)

Nomi's house is Thursday. Her crib is Thursday too.

J: Do you want to get on your jammies?
R: I can't wear em anymore!

Driving to Phoenix (but not there yet) she points out the window and says, "I see Zona!!"

Nomi is my schweet-heart.

I can't have my bed anymore.

You do it myself.

I come down in a mim-it.

Butt-cracker ballerina (Nutcracker Ballerina)

What up mommy and daddy? What up Nomi?

Bandaid feels me better.

I tooted. (3 seconds later) I bless you. 

J: Look there's a train
R: Do you like that train?
J: Yeah I like it.
R: I like orange soda

Come ear a second (come here for a second)

Looking at Grandma's birthday cake: ma-mah need to blow out her handles.

What you talking cereal for mom? (I was not talking about cereal at all)

C: Reagan are you going to be a good girl?
R: Yes, I don't poop anymore.

C: Reagan where are your shoes?
R: There's something in it. You get that thing out?

You're a good singer mom. Sing more.

(During a Saturday night prayer) Thank you tomorrow I can wear my pretty dress... (Pause)...with dots and pink.

J: Do you know what day it is? (Acceptable answers: Mothers Day or Sunday)
R: Its tomorrow afternoon.

(Out of the blue) Thank you very Nomi much.

My nose smells

Put a bow on my outfit

Today's Nomi's birthday tomorrow

No bad wolf blowing our house down?

I don't want lunch today mom.

You are NOT my mother. You're Corina.

I'm excited for it be my birthday soon.


  1. I could have read her quotes all day....SO funny!!! Good for you for recording all those, priceless! I think her favorite day of the week is Thursday? :) Hoping 3 is a little calmer than 2...but I still can't tell over here!

  2. I love her quotes! I'm right there with you! Sometimes Brielle is the sweetest thing-- and then a second later i've done all the wrong in the world! Yay for 3 year olds!


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