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4th of July


It was a good holiday this year. I liked dressing the girls up in patriotic gear, giving Reagan a star hair-do, picnicing, and of course watching some fireworks. This weekend seemed like it was forever long. Ending with the actual holiday was a little rough. I definitely prefer starting with the holiday and then having a bunch of bonus days instead of the other way around. Either way, it was good and we did lots of celebrating all weekend long.

Also of note, Naomi took her first steps at church on Sunday! Right during Sunday School. She has been dabbling with the whole walking thing since then, but hasn't totally committed yet.

Sunday night we had a family dinner at the Sorensen's, where at my request we had a few rousing games of croquet. Jordan won the first game, beating me, and Martha won the second game.

^^I was trying to take a picture of the girls together (even though Reagan wasn't wearing the appropriate colors on Sunday) and we just couldn't get both of their attention or get them both to smile at the same time, and then Stephanie walked up. I think they like her.

^^Reagan was ordering everyone to sit in specific places on the steps before we left so I capitalized on the opportunity and took a group picture after Sunday dinner.

The actual 4th, we attempted to do some work around the house and then in the evening we headed down to my parents' for a picnic at the park. I told Jordan that morning that I felt really unpatriotic, with a run to Home Depot instead of attending a parade or something, but once I got that potato salad, and baked beans on my plate everything felt just the way it should be. Besides the tasty food, we also played some paddle ball and the girls played on the playground.

We ended the night back at my parents for some sparklers. Reagan was both terrified and mesmerized by them all at the same time. Things were going great until Reagan put a freshly burned out sparkler in her mouth. That's when we called it a day and headed home.

Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸


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